Recognized as Top Technology Innovator by Housing Wire in 2023

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 21, 2023

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 21, 2023 – Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of AI-powered digital lending technologies, announced today that for the fifth consecutive year, it has been named to the coveted HousingWire 2023 TECH100™ listing of the most innovative Mortgage Technology companies. Additionally, Tavant was named to the Real Estate listing for the third year in a row. Tavant’s recognition in the Tech100 Mortgage is exemplified by how the company is revolutionizing the mortgage process from origination to closing and servicing to secondary markets. Moreover, Tavant’s listing in the Tech100 Real Estate recognizes Tavant as a top technology company that is changing the home sales process forever from home search to lead management solutions and remote closing to transaction management software.

For the eleventh year, the HW TECH100 highlights the housing economy’s 100 most innovative and impactful technology companies. Each year the Tech100 program has continued to expand, and the applicants increase in caliber and innovation as the demand for technology in housing continues to progress. The annual awards program is the only program of its kind to include technology serving both the U.S. residential real estate and U.S. residential mortgage industries.

“As someone who had a front-row seat to watch the housing economy’s tech transformation, I am increasingly in awe of the innovation we have seen from the Tech100 winners year after year,” HW Media Editor-in-Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “With new technologies emerging every day, I am proud to be part of this exciting journey that has positioned the industry to be more efficient, more transparent and more accessible than ever before.”

Tavant was recognized in the Mortgage Technology category for the exemplary contributions of its automation platform, Touchless Lending®, which has given lenders the tools they need to accelerate their loan process and minimize origination costs since the platform’s initial release in 2021. This technology uses straight-through processing and automation to solve lenders’ pain points and optimize underwriting and processing. Touchless Lending can achieve a clear-to-close decision in less than one week, approximately 80% faster than the industry average of 50 days. Touchless Lending enables associates to handle five times as many mortgages at once and reduces processing and underwriting costs by more than 75% per mortgage.

In the Real Estate list, Tavant’s AI-powered, data-centric Proptech Platform powers more than half of the leading Proptech and digital real estate businesses. It accelerates growth by improving operational efficiency, productivity, speed, and accuracy, simplifying each stage of the home search and buying process. Additionally, it helps organizations transform their operations, processes, and models, providing the insights required to make intelligent decisions, as well as develop and monetize data assets.

“Housing News podcast listeners are well aware of my vision and north star of a more elastic housing market — a housing market powered by technology that enables the same human capital efficient operations at 12 million annual loans as 4 million annual loans. We’re focused on elevating the innovators that are building paths and solutions that enable the largest and most important sector in the U.S. economy to operate efficiently and profitably — the innovators that make housing more accessible and more desirable for the 130 million households that benefit from the stability and economic advantages of homeownership” said Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media. “The Tech100 program is the gold standard for organizations in housing who are at the forefront of the kind of innovation that will change the industry forever.”

Hassan Rashid, CRO, Fintech, Tavant, said, “We are proud to be included as a top innovator and honoree in the 2023 HW TECH100. This recognition is further evidence of Tavant’s dedication to excellence and leadership in both the Mortgage and Proptech industries. At Tavant, our ability to use technology to shape the residential real estate revolution assists in helping forge the future of an industry that continues to drive the U.S. economic engine.”

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