Building a culture
for innovation

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Our people are our strength

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At Tavant, we know that transformation begins at the intersection of technology and innovation. And to achieve that, we’ve brought together a team of passionate people who envision the future, build the innovations of tomorrow, and open up a world of new possibilities.

We work and
play together

We’re creating a culture that nurtures all your passions, technology-led or otherwise. Whether it is biking to Leh, cooking up a storm, or deep diving into the latest technology trends, we’re here to help you cultivate it and become the best version of yourself.

Celebrating diversity

At Tavant, we are deeply committed to building a workplace that welcomes people from varied backgrounds, celebrates their uniqueness, and inspires everyone to be their best.

Rich gender and
cultural diversity

Rich gender and cultural diversity

Transparency &

Transparency & inclusivity

Upskill & learn

Upskill & learn

Training, education &

Training, education & awareness

Mentorship for
professional growth

Mentorship for professional growth

Return to work

Return to work program

Voices of Tavant

Doing good work
with SMILE

An initiative for community impact

A group of four people are cleaning up the beach. They are holding garbage bags.
At Tavant, we believe in giving back to the communities that support us. With SMILE, we’re making an effort to bring about a little joy in the lives of others through simple gestures.
A group of four people are cleaning up the beach. They are holding garbage bags.
A man and woman are smiling while looking at a tablet. The man is holding a takeaway cup.
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