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Digital Agriculture: An overview of opportunities and challenges in the oil palm industry

Digital Agriculture

Introduction: Digital Agriculture, as the name suggests, incorporates technology and data-driven approaches to improve farming practices and helps make informed decisions. Some applications include crop health monitoring, customized inputs (water, fertilizers, etc., to specific areas of the farm based on soil and weather data), yield prediction, labor management, etc. The journey from traditional to digital […]

Build your content through Kentico in the Agtech space

Build your content through Kentico in the Agtech space

Tavant, as a premier provider of Kentico-based solutions, understands the agriculture industry’s unique needs. Our expertise in developing tailored Content Management Systems (CMS) caters specifically to retailers, brokers, agencies, farmers, growers, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. With Kentico as a digital platform, you will receive future-proof tools with stable and secure solutions that […]

The Ultimate Guide to TMAP Knowledge.AI: Elevating Aftermarket Efficiency with GenAI

Within the OEM and aftermarket industry, retaining knowledge is often met with hurdles such as decentralized data, high employee turnover, the absence of robust knowledge management systems, and customer satisfaction. Mastering product usage, service manuals, and troubleshooting procedures, alongside utilizing knowledge articles and videos, presents a formidable challenge in today’s dynamic business environment. Navigating this […]

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2024

World Agri-Tech Innovation

Introducing the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit Overview With the upcoming London Agri-Tech event on the horizon, it seems timely and relevant to reflect on the recent US event and its key highlights. As we gear up for another round of insightful discussions and innovative showcases, understanding the advancements and learnings from the US event will […]

Unlocking Home Equity: A Strategic Move for 2024

Unlocking Home Equity

As we make strides into 2024, American homeowners find themselves amidst an intriguing landscape of financial opportunities, particularly concerning the utilization of home equity. The past year witnessed a surge in the popularity of Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), a trend poised to continue into the current year. But why the HELOC frenzy, and […]

From Dirt to Data: How Precision Farming is Changing Agriculture Forever

Today’s agriculture has long evolved past manual labor and traditional farming. The journey to increased efficiency and productivity has led to exponential technological growth within the agricultural ecosystem. One of the most significant changes in recent years has been the rise of precision farming, also known as precision agriculture. This data-driven approach to crop management […]

Generative AI – Impact on Software Testing

What is Generative AI?  Generative AI uses deep learning algorithms, like those in machine translation, to analyze massive datasets. It utilizes the patterns and relationships it discovers in the data to generate entirely new outputs that resemble, but differ from, what it has previously seen. Relevance in Software Testing: Generative AI has significant implications for […]

Maximizing the Impact of Test Automation

As we are all aware, software permeates various aspects of our lives, from mobile apps to business-essential systems. As software becomes more complicated, reliability and quality become harder to assure. Test automation proves particularly valuable when this occurs. Time has witnessed the evolution of test automation into an integral aspect of software development, resulting in improved efficiency and […]

Mastering Seamless Integration: A Deep Dive into Salesforce’s External Services

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, businesses depend on a diverse range of applications and systems to efficiently manage their operations, making seamless integration imperative. Salesforce, a pioneer in cloud-based CRM solutions, provides an impactful integration tool called External Services. Harnessing the OpenAPI 3.0 standard, External Services empowers organizations to integrate systems seamlessly with their Salesforce […]

Aftermarket Price Optimization and Increased Profitability with Price.AI

The aftermarket industry, which comprises components like spare parts, repair works, and maintenance services, represents a significant revenue management stream for manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers alike. In a market that is prone to constant fluctuations, pricing is a crucial aspect of attracting and retaining customers. However, relying on traditional pricing strategies often leads to untapped […]