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Embracing the Service Life Cycle Management Opportunity and the Challenges It Presents

More digital technology in more machines, increased capacity to transmit data, expanded data storage and faster data processing in the cloud, and the emergence of sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have invigorated manufacturers’ interest and activity in service life cycle management (SLM). The ability to access and analyze so much information has […]

Testing of Gaming Applications

This is an overview of various approaches/techniques that can be adopted for testing gaming applications, especially those developed in C++.

Enabling a Rich Experience for Media Consumers

major trends in the digital media space, and highlight the features and advantages of Adobe CQ, a WCM solution that can help organizations ride to success on these new digital waves.

The 3-D Approach to Digital Advertising

This paper outlines a 3-D approach to tackling and winning the game of advertising. It provides a strategy for succeeding in the competitive advertising market through the use of – Data, Decision, and Design.

10 Steps to Simplify Software Test Automation Process

Automated tests can be performed frequently and rapidly. They are beneficial for projects with longer maintenance lives. In testing, the ability to react with ease to an evolving or changing system, and requirements, is extremely important.