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7 Principles for Quality
at Speed

The term “Quality at Speed” is synonymous with today’s modern software development practices, focusing on delivering high-quality software as fast as possible. These are suggestions that (we hope)...

AI-Endgame: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Lending

Despite the advances in Artificial Intelligence, the adoption of AI in the mortgage industry is fairly low at the time of this paper’s publication. There are questions about how AI can successfully be...

The Impact of AI on Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

The article explores the power of DOOH and how it leverages real-time contextual, demographic, location-based data to create relevant and effective outcomes for advertisers...

Aftermarket 4.0 – Business operations in the era of manufacturing intelligence

Aftermarket 4.0 is enabling manufacturers to innovate new business models. Explore how these new business models are transforming the traditional value chain...