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2017 HousingWire Vanguard: Mohammad Rashid, Tavant Technologies

Santa Clara, Calif., December 05, 2017

Tavant Technologies, America’s leading innovative mortgage technology provider, announced today that Mohammad Rashid, VP, Head of Consumer Lending Practice, has been honored with HousingWire Vanguard Award for 2017. The HousingWire Vanguard Award acknowledges leaders who help to transform the lending business.

At Tavant, Rashid drives the strategy, offerings, and revenue of the company’s consumer lending business. He is the man behind the design and engineering of Tavant FinConnect, which processes more than a million transactions every year and is widely used by the top 50 lenders. It was under his leadership that Tavant launched the AI-powered version of Tavant VELOX, industry’s leading digital lending platform. Rashid used his expertise in AI techniques, process optimization, and automation to enhance the digital platform with AI capabilities.

Rashid has been instrumental in expanding Tavant’s footprint into the mortgage insurance industry, credit bureaus, and data providers, and also leading its foray into international mortgage industries. On being asked what the secret of his success was, Rashid explained – “I identify trends early. This helps me to assemble and motivate the team to innovate and deliver great products.”

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