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Cincinnati Incorporated Transforms Service Contracts and Field Service with Tavant’s AI-driven Enterprise Analytics Platform (TMAP)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Tavant, Silicon Valley’s leading digital products and solutions company, today announced a successful implementation of its AI-powered flagship product, TMAP, at Cincinnati Incorporated (CI), a leading machine tool manufacturer located in Harrison, OH. This pivotal move marks a transformative step in CI’s strategy towards addressing aftermarket challenges and placing the company at the leading edge of digital innovation in data analytics.

Cincinnati Incorporated implemented TMAP, a cloud-based analytics platform, as part of their strategic initiative to enable faster and smarter insight into Service Contracts and Field Service. The solution helps transition from traditional tools to advanced data analysis and reporting, focusing on improving service response times and optimizing ticketing processes. TMAP utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor field service metrics, predict demand for spare parts, service technician hours and accurately determine service contract pricing. Moreover, its generative AI-powered search feature streamlines problem resolution and fosters collaboration within the CI knowledge base, significantly advancing CI’s commitment to service excellence and operational efficiency.

Ryan Lemmel, Business Unit Leader for Aftermarket Sales from Cincinnati Incorporated remarked, “The deployment of TMAP, an AI-powered solution is a promising step forward for our data analytics and service operations. With its all-encompassing dashboards and enhanced reporting capabilities, we are positioned to gain deeper insights that are expected to reform the tools we have to measure service effectiveness. We anticipate this will lead to improved response and resolution processes, which should naturally translate into higher customer satisfaction. We are also looking forward to seeing how TMAP’s advanced forecasting abilities will help us better manage our service and parts inventory. The promise of TMAP to refine our operational efficiency and service quality is evident and we are eager to see the results as the system goes live.”

“We are thrilled to see TMAP redefine the landscape of data analytics and service management at Cincinnati Incorporated,” stated Roshan Pinto, Head of Manufacturing, Tavant. “Our collaboration with Cincinnati Incorporated is a shining example of how innovative technology can transform aftermarket operations. TMAP’s innovative features and intuitive design are specifically crafted to meet the dynamic needs of manufacturers, ensuring they stay ahead in an increasingly digital world. This successful implementation is a testament to our commitment to delivering transformative digital solutions that drive aftermarket efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and lead to tangible, impactful outcomes.”

About Cincinnati Incorporated

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) is a U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturer with over 125 years in the industry. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise makes us the ideal partner for companies building innovative products that demand extraordinary durability, stability, and industry-leading features. At our state-of-the-art, Ohio-based facility, we develop and build custom software, dependable laser cutting systems and automation equipment as well as metal fabrication equipment, including press brakes, shears, and PM presses. Our extensive knowledge puts us in a unique position to help you drive efficiency in your manufacturing process no matter how simple or complex. For more information visit www.e-ci.com.

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