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ComplianceEase Announces Solution Integration with Tavant Technologies

July 17, 2018

ComplianceEase, a provider of automated compliance solutions, recently announced its ComplianceAnalyzer, 4506xpress and LicenseManager solutions are now integrated within Tavant Technologies‘ VELOX product suite.

Our integration with Tavant VELOX platform will provide borrowers with a more streamlined, digital experience and enable lenders to confidently close compliant loans faster,” ComplianceEase President John Vong said.

The integrations aim to allow customers using the VELOX suite to securely audit loans for regulatory compliance violations, verify borrower income, and automatically verify mortgage loan originators, according to ComplianceEase.

ComplianceAnalyzer checks for changes in terms and fees throughout the origination and closing processes and 4506xpress uses automation technology to streamline the income verification process.

The company says LicenseManager automatically verifies NMLS IDs, state licenses, and federal registration, ensuring lenders and investors that every MLO is licensed and or registered in the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry.

The VELOX platform supplies data directly from the information source, enabling a simple end-to-end digital mortgage experience for the borrower. Therefore, allowing lenders to connect with mortgage-specific data and service vendors, according to ComplianceEase.

“We’re pleased to partner with ComplianceEase to provide access to their risk management solutions,” Tavant Chief Revenue Officer Hassan Rashid said. “This significant partnership highlights the challenges of complying with ever-expanding regulations and the essential role that VELOX can play in alleviating these challenges.”

Originally appeared on HousingWire.com

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