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Darien Rowayton Bank Selects Tavant Technologies to Enable Next Generation Mortgage Lending Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 8, 2016 – Tavant Technologies, a market leader in building mortgage technologies, announced that it has been selected by Darien Rowayton Bank to create an advanced retail mortgage platform.

DRB (Darien Rowayton Bank) is a national bank and the fastest marketplace lender to reach $1 billion in student loan refinancing originations. This mortgage initiative further expands the bank’s foothold in consumer lending and is a major part of the bank’s strategic roadmap. The mortgage technology platform features a re-imagined loan origination and application process. The application is online, mobile friendly, and eliminates the need for a paper-based processes. The highly interactive user interface makes use of the most modern web development frameworks, and the intuitive design is optimized to provide an incredibly transparent and easy to navigate application. Its intelligent system architecture provides real-time responses, simplifying the borrower experience into easy to understand components.

“Darien Rowayton Bank is disrupting the way mortgages are done in the United States, and we are excited to be a part of it,” said Hassan Rashid, Executive Vice President, Tavant Technologies. “This is the start of a new wave in the mortgage industry powered by leading-edge technologies and we have the appropriate industry experience and software expertise to enable that.”

Tavant is known for delivering both a flexible approach to capturing customer needs and strategic approach to building relationships. Instead of a single one-size-fits-all platform, Tavant leverages its experience and expertise to create unique solutions to address customer challenges.

“Tavant’s understanding of our strategy coupled with their deep experience in mortgages made them the right partner to develop a modern mortgage lending platform,” said Gary Lieberman, Chairman of DRB. “While DRB started with a national student lending platform, we view mortgages as the next step in our vision of building out a complete set of financial solutions for our customers throughout their lives.”

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About Darien Rowayton Bank

DRB (Darien Rowayton Bank) is a leading bank, national marketplace lender, and the fastest lender in industry history to reach $1 billion in student loan refinancings. FDIC insured and established in 2006, DRB has helped thousands of professionals with graduate and undergraduate degrees across the country to refinance and consolidate federal and private student loans, saving these borrowers thousands of dollars each.

Source: Tavant Technologies and Darien Rowayton Bank

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