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Ditech Launches A Personalized Mortgage Point-Of-Sale System Powered By Tavant VΞLOX Platform

FORT WASHINGTON, PA., July 31, 2018

Ditech Holding Corporation (“Ditech” or the “Company”) (NYSE: DHCP) today announced that it has launched a highly personalized mortgage point-of-sale system, customized collaboratively by its in-house Innovation Lab and Tavant, and powered by VΞLOX, a leading digital lending platform. This system, which will provide a data-driven business platform, is expected to drive excellence in customer experience through streamlined business processes with intelligent automation, improved fulfillment efficiency, and overall digital simplification.

“Our goal is to provide the best possible experience to our customers during the home buying process – one of the most important financial transactions of their lives. The launch of this new point-of-sale system is expected to help bring us closer to our customers so that we can better serve them,” said Ditech’s CEO and President, Tom Marano.

“We have been extremely focused on transforming our organization’s customer experience through the adaptation of digital solutions that entice the next generation of borrowers, including Millennials and Generation Z. Our new system, built on the Tavant VΞLOX platform, is expected to allow for a harmonious, omni-channel experience that will drive trust with customers,” said Ritesh Chaturbedi, Ditech’s Chief Operating Officer. “This launch is a great win for Ditech and is a true testament to the success of the Innovation Lab.”

The Company’s Innovation Lab is a team of tech experts who harness their talents in a start-up-like environment. The lab, which is part of Ditech’s Information Technology organization and is led by Ditech’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Badstubner, provides the brain power that fuels the development of new, digital solutions designed to integrate processes and enhance customer experience.

“The pervasiveness of technology is disrupting industries and changing the way we interact with our customers. At Ditech, we are focused on being at the forefront of technological innovation and delivering value to our customers and investors. We are transforming the way we do business by leveraging the latest technology platforms that help provide a superior experience for our customers. The Innovation Lab has worked tirelessly to improve our customers’ experience and this new portal is a direct result of that team’s commitment to streamlining the mortgage application process,” said Andrew Badstubner, Ditech’s Chief Technology Officer.

The Tavant VΞLOX – powered point-of-sale system has been built on a common platform that allows for a seamless channel-, device- and interaction-agnostic experience across the loan lifecycle. Ditech’s new point-of-sale system extends beyond borrowers and loan officers and allows realtors, brokers, correspondent partners and even servicing – in short, implementation cycles – to access the platform.
“Tavant is excited to partner with Ditech in an effort to provide a game-changing experience to customers and partners. The collaboration brought to life a system that is powered by VΞLOX and customized for Ditech’s needs based on customer journeys and workflows created by its Innovation Lab,” said Hassan Rashid, Chief Revenue Officer, Tavant.

The Tavant VΞLOX platform is expected to help enable Ditech to realize the vision of providing an unparalleled experience for its customers, employees and business partners. It is an effort to provide hyper-personalized journeys that become a natural extension of the lending business’s digital engagement.  It is an extensible platform that is designed to provide business simplification through loan origination, fulfillment, and servicing, covering the total loan lifecycle. The platform is built to incorporate future technology advancements in areas of gamification, machine learning and voice interaction in an attempt to constantly provide an engaging interaction to Ditech’s customers.

About Ditech Holding Corporation

Ditech Holding is an independent servicer and originator of mortgage loans and servicer of reverse mortgage loans. Based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, the Company has approximately 3,700 employees and services a diverse loan portfolio. The information on the Company’s website is not a part of this release.

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Tavant VΞLOX is the industry’s leading AI-powered digital lending platform that maximizes the use of data-driven processes in the automation of the loan origination lifecycle. It brings true digital disruption to the mortgage industry with an immersive omnichannel experience and high-velocity execution: from loan discovery to loan funding to loan servicing.

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