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RWM Partners with Tavant for Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 17, 2020


Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based digital lending solutions leader, today announced it has partnered with RWM Home Loans, a San Diego-based independent mortgage bank, to complete an enterprise-wide digital transformation that streamlines the digital mortgage lifecycle, generates operational efficiencies to process loans faster and reduces the overall cost of originating the loans.


To support RWM’s continued rapid growth, it has engaged Tavant to develop and deploy a customized digital infrastructure that will provide the speed and agility required to succeed in the high-growth markets in which they operate. Most recently, the RWM Home Loans leveraged the digital platform to automate processing for GNMA capital market loans, which enabled them to cut overall costs by 80%, reduce cycle time from four hours to just two minutes, which is a 99% increase in process optimization. Additionally, RWM Home Loans will soon be rolling out an automated disclosure process, projected to yield an additional 78% cost savings while increasing the process’s speed and accuracy.


Founded in 1994 by experienced mortgage professionals with more than two decades of real estate market experience, RWM Home Loans is a local community mortgage banking corporation founded to provide exceptional customer service, coupled with unparalleled product diversity at competitive rates. Partnering with Tavant allows the lender to provide even more engaging customer experiences with new mobile and portal applications while also supporting its rapid growth with agile, scalable digital solutions and an accelerated digital mortgage process.


“We place a tremendous emphasis on developing relationships, not only with our clients but also with our nationwide lending sources and service providers,” said Susanne Livingston, EVP, and Owner of RWM Home Loans. “Like RWM, Tavant values relationships and fosters a collaborative working environment in which our team collectively is always looking for ways to improve. Tavant’s depth of knowledge and proven success in the financial services industry were its key defining differentiators. Ultimately, what truly set Tavant apart from other providers in the space was their commitment to our success. We view them as an extension of our team, and together, we have embarked on an enterprise-wide digital transformation to advance our digital lending capabilities and transform the lending process, start to finish.”


“RWM Home Loans is often recognized as one of the top-performing lenders in large part because of its commitment to providing customers a superior experience,” said Hassan Rashid, CRO, Tavant. “Part of its success can be attributed to its ongoing commitment to excellence and leveraging technology innovatively to enhance the overall lending process. We are proud of the initial success we’ve achieved together and look forward to working with the RWM team well into the future.”


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About RWM Home Loans:


Headquartered in San Diego, RWM Home Loans is a direct lender serving local customers throughout the West Coast and the Southwestern United States. Founded in 1994 by career mortgage professionals Brad and Susanne Livingston, RWM Home Loans has closed over 10,000 mortgage transactions focusing on consistently offering competitive rates and fees and treating our clients with honesty and integrity. For more information, visit https://www.rwmloans.com.

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