Tavant Enables Kubota to Leverage IoT Data for Enhanced Asset Tracking and Predictive Maintenance

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–Tavant, Silicon Valley’s leading digital products and solutions company, and Kubota North America Corporation (KNA) today announced a strengthened partnership to unlock the full potential of IoT data to address real-world challenges in asset tracking and predictive maintenance. Leveraging Tavant’s TMAP solution, this collaboration seeks to utilize diagnostic data effectively when operating and servicing Kubota machinery – which includes a full range of tractors, construction, and landscape equipment – to help the operator and service support identify and pre-empt potential issues, reduce downtime, and support various service activities with the ultimate goal to enhance both customer and dealer satisfaction significantly.

The Connect.AI module of TMAP (Tavant Manufacturing Analytics Platform) consolidates IoT data from various equipment. With the power of sophisticated AI and ML models, TMAP delivers critical insights through user-friendly analytics dashboards, enabling Kubota’s dealers and internal users to make well-informed decisions. The solution ensures optimal performance and scalability, addressing the complex challenges businesses face in the IoT realm.

Kubota North America Director of Information Communication Technology, Josh Skanderup, said, “As a trusted partner for over half a decade, Tavant has consistently helped Kubota navigate business challenges with their collaborative approach as we look to become a solutions provider for our customers and our dealers. Their expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning is invaluable in helping to elevate our aftermarket service operations. Through this solution, we foresee unlocking crucial insights into equipment health, future servicing needs, open service advisories, and beyond. This will enable our dealers to proactively anticipate and resolve potential problems, minimize operational pauses, and, most critically, elevate our customer satisfaction levels.”

“Our growing partnership with Kubota marks an exciting time for us at Tavant,” shared Roshan Pinto, Head of Manufacturing, Tavant. “The partnership aims to make IoT data more accessible and user-friendly for Kubota’s dealers through easy-to-understand dashboards. As part of the IoT solutions landscape, we have always strived to deliver effective and seamless solutions,” he continued. “Our partnership with Kubota is a significant step in that direction, helping us to continuously innovate and offer advanced solutions that meet our client’s needs.

“Moreover, at Tavant, we make it a point to balance smooth operation across platforms with robust security measures,” added Pinto. “Our ability to securely manage vast amounts of IoT data will assist Kubota in recognizing and resolving their specific challenges. We are certain that our collaboration will bring great value to Kubota and its dealer network, setting a new standard in the IoT industry.”

About Kubota North America Corporation

Kubota North America Corporation (KNA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, with headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, serves as the central business hub for all KNA companies in the U.S. and Canada, where leadership closely connects resources and shares talent across all lines of Kubota’s business. Kubota Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan, and together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells a range of machinery, including tractors, construction equipment, lawn and garden equipment, hay tools and other performance-matched implements to the North American market. For more information, visit KubotaUSA.com or Kubota.ca.

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