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Tavant Expands Transformative Data & AI Analytics Services to the Healthtech Industry

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2023

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2023 – Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based data and analytics solutions provider, today announced that it has expanded into the Healthtech industry, offering a diverse portfolio of innovative technology solutions to improve productivity for health organizations and improve health outcomes for the general public.

Tavant’s strategy is to continue to capture the many attractive opportunities available in today’s growing health technology (Healthtech) market. Tavant has partnered with a leading digital health organization to establish an infrastructure and data operations platform, restructure their web portal and prescription purchase workflow, enable geographic customization of medication details, and develop a telehealth portal. The healthcare partner was able to automate and stabilize its deployment process, resulting in a 70% reduction in testing timeframes, a 90% improvement in defect detection, and dynamic price monitoring and revenue optimization.

“Healthtech is the fastest growing vertical within the healthcare sector. Digital transformation can help healthcare businesses work through that complexity and efficiently turn dollars spent into extending and saving lives,” said Sarvesh Mahesh, Founder and CEO at Tavant. Our highly customized, disruption-proof services improve performance and save costs. Tavant helps businesses become data-driven enterprises to enhance customer centricity and bring cutting-edge solutions to the market faster for their patients.

Due to the current economic conditions, healthcare organizations are often required to choose between patient satisfaction and cost optimization. Tavant proposes rethinking healthcare goals with data and AI analytics solutions that break down organizational silos, promote business agility, cut costs, and improve operational efficiency. Tavant’s analytics-based solutions drive better health outcomes for people and greater productivity for care providers without compromising core principles.

“Healthcare organizations have ambitious goals, and we’ve expanded our capabilities to help them compete and grow through increased efficiency and better patient and workforce experiences,” stated Vikas Khosla, CRO and Head of Healthtech at Tavant. “The result is faster, improved, and lower cost of services. From streaming enormous amounts of data to collecting and storing data at scale to processing and maintaining different states of data, to efficiently serving complex data models and giving analytical and visual products to the company, there is a solution for everyone. We’ve done it all and more.”

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