Tavant Experts to Keynote at the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit

Santa Clara, Calif. February 21, 2018

Tavant Technologies, a leading Silicon Valley-based innovative mortgage technology company, announced today that it has been invited to speak and exhibit at the ninth annual Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit, February 22 – 23, 2018, Sydney. Tavant is a bronze sponsor at the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit.

Tavant will provide an exclusive preview of its digital lending platform, Tavant VΞLOX. VΞLOX transforms the labor-intensive, paper saturated, compliance-laden loan fulfillment process into an efficient digital data flow. Mohammad Rashid, VP, Consumer Lending, Tavant Technologies and Raj Nair, VP Sales will be the keynote speakers at the summit on February 23 at 12.15 PM. The topics of the keynote will be “Tipping point for Digital | Lessons from a $10 trillion mortgage market – An international perspective”.

“Digital disruption in the mortgage industry is quickly transforming the face of the industry. The Blockchain is widely anticipated to be the latest in a line of FinTech innovations to shape the future of our economies and business ecosystems. Our years of experience in mortgage technologies, and our AI & ML deep expertise have enabled us to engineer our Velox suite of products in the $10 trillion mortgage US market to ensure maximum seamlessness to all stakeholders in a mortgage life cycle. We are excited to bring our expertise to the Australian market as well,” substantiated Mohammad Rashid, VP, Consumer Lending, Tavant Technologies.

Tavant VΞLOX is the industry’s leading AI-powered digital lending platform. It is digitally disrupting the mortgage industry with a fluid omnichannel experience and high-velocity execution: from home discovery to loan funding. They are powered with AI capabilities that cut down the time and shrink the cost of the loan by 40%.

“An increasingly competitive market environment and evolving customer expectations are driving mortgage lenders to invest more strategically in digital capabilities. Lenders are focused on faster innovation around the user experience, as well as the more advanced use of analytics and digital transformation capabilities. To drive digital outcomes for our clients, we augment our industry domain knowledge with our AI and ML capabilities to enable companies to drive digital transformation effectively.” Rashid further said.

“In 2018, machine learning means more efficiency in the mortgage loan cycle,”. “Machines could now start to predict retention patterns and alert sales teams accordingly effectively. Machine learning will allow sales teams to manage better and sell leads, processors and underwriters to do more with less and do it three times as fast, secondary marketing departments to stay ahead of market conditions. It will effectively make lending cost-effective and easier for the consumer,” said, Raj Nair, VP Sales, Tavant Technologies.

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About Tavant Technologies

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tavant Technologies is a specialized software solutions & services provider that provides impactful results to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 2000, the company employs over 2000 people and is a recognized top employer.

As a key solutions provider to the Consumer Lending industry, Tavant has demonstrated expertise in helping mortgage firms convert more leads, cut costs and retain borrowers.

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