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Tavant Invited to Speak at a Leading Data and Analytics Conference

Santa Clara, Calif., June 22, 2021

Data & Analytics Live: US, a fully virtual event, will feature Tavant’s head of AI on June 23, 2021

Tavant, a leading digital products and solutions company, today announced its participation as a speaker and a sponsor at the upcoming Data & Analytics Live: US event, to be held virtually from June 22 – 24, 2021.

At the event, Dr. Atul Varshneya, VP – AI, Tavant will talk about ‘Operationalizing AI – Experimentation to Execution’ at a session on June 23, 2.10 p.m. EDT.  Tavant realizes that AI and analytics leaders face a gap in translating the machine learning solutions from the experimental stage to actual execution. In the session, Tavant will explain how transformed companies build an organization based on tools, techniques, and practical experiences that transform theoretical ML knowledge into production-ready and deployable solutions that deliver the promised value.

“AI and ML models are becoming a vital element for business success in enterprises across industries. Businesses need better and faster ways to execute their AI solutions in real-world environments to enable them to cut down costs, work more efficiently, and speed up the rollout of new AI services and products for customers. As enterprises across industries are weaving AI/ML into their solutions, they find just how intricate it is to deploy and maintain ML based solutions. Our key focus is to provide our customers with the capability to customize, update and maintain their solutions based on their challenging business requirements and to take advantage of the promise of AI,” said Dr. Atul Varshneya, VP, Artificial Intelligence.

The Data and Analytics Live: US is one of the largest virtual gatherings of data analytics leaders and is expected to have more than 500 attendees. The event will witness speakers from other leading organizations like Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Zynga, Takeda, Comcast, Johnson and Johnson, Mars, BP, Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente, Regions Bank, and Prudential Financial. The event will provide the connections, best practices, and insights you need to realize business value from data, empowering you with actionable insights to maximize your company’s return on data and analytics.

Meet Tavant’s AI leaders at the Data and Analytics Live: US to learn how our AI technology solutions can help you unlock new possibilities. Learn more about the event here.

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