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Tavant Launches AI-Powered Next-Gen Test Automation Framework

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 3, 2021

Tavant, a digital products and solutions company, today announced the new version of its end-to-end test automation framework, FIRE 5.0 (Framework for Intelligent and Rapid Execution).

Tavant’s FIRE 5.0 is a comprehensive tool and technology agnostic-test automation framework. This framework can orchestrate multiple automation tools and technologies, including (but not limited to) Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Protractor, Microfocus and Java, C#, F#, Python, and PHP.

FIRE 5.0 accelerates the time to market while simultaneously aiding developers to enable dual-shift of the software development lifecycle to gauge the consumer experience and provide continuous feedback into the system. Powered by AI, the test automation framework ensures speed to market and superior quality software.

FIRE 5.0 is now more powerful with an updated framework that covers a broader set of technologies and addresses the major issues of test execution time for analytics, API, performance, security, web, and mobile.  The customizable, nonproprietary, and loosely coupled platform contains domain-specific features for industries like Media, Manufacturing, and Fintech can be used in snippets to fill in the gaps to achieve optimization where it is needed the most while providing quick turnaround and comprehensive automated test coverage with limited manual intervention.

“While most organizations are able to achieve 80-90% efficiency in their optimization due to automation, they are rarely able to increase efficiency beyond 90%,” said Chakri Devarakonda, Head of Quality Engineering, Tavant.

“FIRE 5.0 is helping clients achieve this higher efficiency with its solution accelerators to increase productivity, enhance quality, and deliver a faster time to market providing a competitive strategic market advantage.”

Test automation is an integral part of an organization’s test strategy, and our goal is to continuously innovate and improve to bring AI-powered next-gen test automation solutions that address changing market dynamics due to digital transformation such as DevOps, agile software development, and AI, which have resulted in increasing challenges for businesses.

With its updated features, FIRE 5.0 users now experience the ease of scripting, faster feedback, enhanced test coverage, distributed execution, continuous testing, and cloud-based execution for accelerated execution. Prominent features include:

  1. BDD (Behavior Driven Development) enabled tests
  2. DB supported centralized test reporting
  3. Performance tests
  4. Custom device farm (OTT, Mobile)
  5. New Relic integration for test status
  6. Slack integration for critical failure notification
  7. Test health check & auto maintenance minders
  8. CI / CD compliant
  9. Cloud device farm


For more information on Tavant FIRE visit: https://tavant.com/quality-engineering/fire

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