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Tavant Named to HousingWire TECH100

Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of AI-powered digital lending technologies, announced today it has been named to the prestigious HousingWire 2020 HW TECH100™ listing of the most innovative mortgage technology companies in the U.S. housing industry. The company was also on the HW Tech100 honoree list in 2019.

Tavant has been recognized for its artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) based offering, Tavant Retention Intelligence solution, that leverages holistic customer information, enabling lenders to identify the refinance opportunities within portfolios to maximize retention and upselling. More than 200 loan attributes across 10 million records are used to train the models. Additionally, the product allows lenders and servicers to predict and manage portfolio churn and focus on customer retention strategies. The model is three times more accurate when compared to other methods used to analyze a portfolio of 1.5 million loans that churns at 15% annually. By leveraging the Tavant Retention Intelligence solution, lenders have reported 50% lower retention costs as compared to traditional retention models.

“HousingWire’s motto for 2020 is growth through focus. With that lens, the Tech100 program underwent mitosis and emerged as two highly focused awards — Tech100 Real Estate and Tech100 Mortgage. While collaboration between real estate and mortgage professionals has never been higher, the tools and solutions that empower these professionals to excel are often entirely different,” said HousingWire CEO, Clayton Collins. “The winners of the 2020 HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage and Real Estate awards are truly the most impactful and innovative companies in housing. Not only do these companies empower their clients and users, but they are also supporting a more efficient, accessible and sustainable housing economy.”

“We are honored to be included in this prestigious listing for the third time,” said Hassan Rashid, CRO, Tavant. “This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and providing our customers with a competitive edge in an increasingly demanding market. Tavant’s vision from day one has been focused on providing unparalleled solutions to meet the business goals of our customers. We have achieved this by consistently focusing on our people, the passion we bring to partnerships, and the all-round excellence in everything we undertake.”

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