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Tavant propels proptech into a new era with next-gen solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 7, 2023

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 7, 2023- Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of custom AI-powered solutions, today announced the launch of its latest phase in Real Estate Technology, Proptech 3.0. This phase in Tavant’s Proptech evolution introduces innovation to the real estate industry by delivering end-to-end solutions and connected AI-powered analytics that optimizes the ecosystem for all parties involved. Tavant’s deeply developed and trusted knowledge base enables its partners to unlock the full potential of their data while achieving impact and quality at every stage of the data monetization journey with precision. Tavant’s multi-sector, multi-generational experience enables scaling start-ups and industry leaders, such as the nation’s third-largest home builder, to entrust the digital transformation of its adjacent business units to increase flexibility and efficiency, resulting in a more complete and overall competitive business in the current environment.

While the past twelve months were that of durability for the Proptech sector, Tavant’s trailblazing Touchless Lending® automation solution enabled 9,656 homeownership dreams daily, underwrote over 80 thousand loans, and increased revenue by 250% from the previous year on customer growth of 200%. Furthermore, Tavant has remained committed to its craft and is proud to have been awarded the ‘HousingWire Real Estate Tech 100 Award’ for the third year in a row.

“Tavant’s mission is to empower the Real Estate ecosystem with problem-solving solutions that enhance processes and create and support progress,” said Brad Sivert, Head of Proptech, Tavant. “AI has the ability to drastically improve the Real Estate Industry and bring about unprecedented efficiencies. Our AI expertise has enabled us to deliver never-before-seen technology solutions that streamline processes, improve accuracy, enhance the overall customer experience, and more for over two decades.”

Over the past year, Tavant has delivered focused technology solutions that improve business success for our valued real estate customers, including MLS data optimization, large digital transformations through aggregations and integrations, and algorithm transformations adapting to unique market shifts that resulted in higher levels of accuracy and consumer engagement. Tavant continues to develop automated solutions to improve how buyers, sellers, and investors find realtors and other critical resources online via mobile apps and search engines. Tavant optimizes and automates data workflows so enterprises of all sizes can launch game-changing digital-first solutions and become industry leaders.

Among other recent works was a partner hyper-focused on increasing efforts to construct affordable housing, where Tavant delivered custom technology solutions that bridged the gap between building homes, automating the end-to-end loan application process, and connecting third-party financial systems while working with actively changing state regulations to create one seamless and effective system for both partner, provider, and consumer.

“Applying key technologies like Data Engineering, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modeling, and Optical Character Recognition to provide real-time data solutions for other industries (i.e., Fintech, Agtech, and Media) is now directly transferable across the Built World, as industry lines are being cross-over like never before,” said Paresh Deshpande, Head of Proptech Growth, Tavant. “Our portfolio of AI-enabled products and bespoke solutions equips us to constantly be in discovery mode, driving the much-needed innovation for our partners.”

Tavant’s dexterity extends far beyond the residential real estate market. With a focus on impact and innovation, Tavant continues to push change across the industry by providing advanced technological solutions that set new standards and push a gamut of industries to new heights, including Commercial Real Estate, Contech, Climate Tech, Insurtech, and Manufacturing. With 23 years of resilience, recent expansion into Europe and APAC, and a series of metamorphic milestones, Tavant is the premier implementation partner for businesses looking to transform, scale, and stay ahead of the curve.

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