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Tavant Selected to be on the Panel of Mortgage Tech and Loan Servicing Conference

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug 8, 2018

Tavant, leading digital products, and solutions company for the consumer lending industry, today announced that it participated at the 23rd Annual Western States Mortgage technology and loan servicing conference, held in San Diego from August 5-7.

Tavant conducted a live demo of its flagship product, Tavant VΞLOX. The highlight of the conference was the panel discussion by Sundeep Mathur, VP, Consumer Lending, who provided an overview of the loan lifecycle from origination to fulfillment. He discussed how leveraging the right lending platform can enhance the customer experience and improve delivery cycle time.

“Tavant VΞLOX is an AI-powered, data-driven, omnichannel business platform for lenders. With an immersive omnichannel experience and highly effective execution, it streamlines and accelerates each stage of the mortgage process, starting from home discovery to loan funding. VΞLOX delivers an exceptional customer experience and enhances trust while reducing time and cost of the lending process through intelligent automation, improved fulfillment efficiency, increased collaboration, and overall digital simplification,” said Vibhor Mishra, Tavant’s head of marketing.

“It’s no secret that digital disruption is transforming the face of the mortgage industry. Our years of industry experience and strong AI and ML capabilities have enabled us to engineer our VΞLOX suite of products to optimize & automate mortgage back-end processes and simplify the front-end experience,” Mishra added.

Tavant’s lending products and platforms are transforming lenders into intelligent digital lending enterprises. Its suite of solutions provides the flexibility and scale that helps deliver immersive lending journeys and a seamless omnichannel experience. Tavant is focused on delivering innovative solutions that offer game-changing results for the financial industry. Every element of the loan lifecycle is now digital with VΞLOX.

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