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Tavant Technologies to Attend the 2013 Media Summit, New York

Santa Clara, CA, February 13, 2013 : Tavant Technologies,a leading IT solutions provider to the Media & Entertainment Industry, today announced that they will be present at the 2013 Media Summit produced by Digital Hollywood to be held during March 5 – 6, at the McGraw-Hill Building in New York City, New York.

Tavant subject matter experts will be sharing best practices and technology know-how with the delegates and industry peers. The team will also be having in-depth discussions with the industry peers on the technology areas such as Open Source, Commercial and Custom Content Management Systems, Social data and Audience behaviour, Second Screen Applications, Unified Services, Content Monetization, Mobile Apps that engage and monetize Social Collaboration, Gamification, BI and Big Data, and Mobile and Performance Testing Automation.

About Digital Hollywood

Scheduled to be hosted on March 5 – 6, at the McGraw-Hill Building, New York, this edition of the Digital Hollywood Media Summit will bring together representatives from the Media & Entertainment, Communications and Technology domain.
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About Tavant Technologies

Tavant Technologies is a specialized IT solutions & services provider that leverages its expertise to provide impactful results to its customers. We have leveraged our unrivaled capabilities and domain insights to create game changing results for leading businesses across chosen industry micro-verticals. We are known for our long-lasting customer relationships, engineering excellence and passionate employees. Founded in 2000, we are headquartered in Santa Clara, California and service customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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