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Tavant Technologies to Exhibit at the MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo 2014

Santa Clara, Calif., October 10, 2014: Tavant Technologies, a leading global provider of specialized software solutions to the mortgage industry, today announced that it will be exhibiting in MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo 2014 to be held from the 19th to the 22nd of October at Las Vegas.  At the event, Tavant will showcase its full-lifecycle suite of solutions that fit perfectly and function seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures and business processes of leading mortgage companies.

“Tavant provides a migration path to enable customers to Encompass, Extend and Enrich existing software systems to achieve superior user engagement, business agility and return on investments,” says Hassan Rashid, Executive Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, Tavant Technologies.

“We leverage our 14+ years of deep industry experience, when developing highly customized mortgage solutions – spanning sales, origination, servicing, special servicing and securitization for leading global mortgage companies.” he adds.

At the convention Tavant experts will showcase use-cases and expertise in niche areas related to Loan Origination Systems, Consumer Direct Portal, Third-party Origination portal, Default Management and Analytics.

About Tavant Technologies:

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tavant Technologies is a specialized software solutions & services provider that leverages its expertise to provide impactful results to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Having leveraged its unrivalled capabilities and domain insights to create game changing results for leading businesses across chosen industry micro-verticals, Tavant Technologies is known for long-lasting customer relationships, engineering excellence and passionate employees. Founded in 2000, the Company employs over 1000 people and has been recognized as Top 25 Best Companies to Work For.

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