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Tavant Technologies Hosts Salesforce Lightning Developer Meet

Bangalore, India, March 14, 2015– Tavant Technologies, a leading global provider of specialized software solutions, announced today, that over 300 Salesforce developers rallied to get hands-on with Salesforce Lightning tools in the ‘Lightning Developer Meet’ hosted at Tavant’s Bangalore office on Saturday, March 14. Tavant’s developers created an exclusive registration app to automate the registration process.

The Meet was part of the ‘Lightning Developer Week’ tour – organized by Salesforce, to introduce developers to Salesforce1 Lightning – a platform that enables build apps, fast and easy.  The Meet included a packed agenda of Salesforce1 Lightning overview, demo, and tutorials. It also provided an opportunity for networking and socializing.

Tavant’s involvement in the Lightning Developer Week is a reiteration of its focus on developing cutting-edge solutions on Salesforce platform. In mid-2014, the company launched ‘Tavant Warranty On-Demand’ on Salesforce1 Platform. The product brought together Force.com’s proven technology with Tavant’s domain and industry expertise in the aftermarket space.

About Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning provides a component framework and a new set of tools for developers and users to build apps, integrate data, and automate business processes faster. It enables seamless access to data from external sources, side-by-side with Salesforce data.

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