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Tavant Technologies Invited to Speak at the Warranty Chain Management Conference in San Diego.

Santa Clara, CA, March 11, 2013: Tavant Technologies, a leading software solutions and services provider, today announced that it has been invited to speak at the Warranty Chain Management Conference March 12-14, San Diego, California.

The 9th Annual Warranty Chain Management Conference is the largest international warranty and service contract conference and provides a forum for warranty professionals and executives to meet and discuss warranty related issues and develop warranty management as a recognized discipline.

Tavant experts will be presenting papers jointly with customers on important areas of service management such as: Identifying a Value Driven Warranty Solution, Supplier Cost Recovery and Integrating Service Contracts, Fleet Management & Warranty. Tavant will also be showcasing its web-based, real-time, full-lifecycle and flexible pricing model-based warranty solution that helps reduce spends, eliminate fraudulent claims and reduce claim processing time substantially.

About Tavant Technologies

Tavant Technologies is a specialized IT solutions & services provider that leverages its expertise to provide impactful results to its customers. We have leveraged our unrivaled capabilities and domain insights to create game changing results for leading businesses across chosen industry micro-verticals. We are known for our long-lasting customer relationships, engineering excellence and passionate employees. Founded in 2000, we are headquartered in Santa Clara, California and service customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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