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Tavant Technologies to Launch Innovative Warranty Claim Fraud Analytics Solution at Warranty Chain Management Conference

Santa Clara, Calif., March 16, 2016: Tavant Technologies, a leading global provider of Warranty Management Software, today announced that it will be launching its state of the art warranty claim fraud analytics solution at the Warranty Chain Management Conference (WCM) 2016, being held in Jacksonville, FL.

The launch will be held on Wednesday, March 16; the second day of the conference at Tavant Technologies booth.

“Warranty claim fraud is a significant challenge for enterprises globally. Companies lose billions of dollars due to fraudulent claims. Our fraud analytics solutions help detect fraudulent claims and transactions with a high degree of accuracy. We offer a proactive approach to fraud management by predicting and flagging claims that are likely to be fraudulent,” said Roshan Pinto, Head of Manufacturing Practice, Tavant Technologies.

The solution, based on revolutionary statistical and machine learning methods helps companies detect rapidly and respond to fraudulent claim submissions. This system also develops ‘intelligence’ to point out those dealers who are repetitive fraud committers.

Visit Tavant booth #3 to learn more.

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