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Tavant Technologies Partners with Kaazing to Deliver Real-Time Web Applications.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif, February 17, 2012(BUSINESS WIRE) -Tavant Technologies, a leading provider of specialized IT solutions and services, and Kaazing, leading provider of technology for the living Web, today announced that the two companies have established a technology partnership. The partnership with Kaazing will enable Tavant to offer the most secure, real-time web communications platform to deliver a wider breadth of enterprise applications to its customers.

“With the number of Web-connected devices growing at light speed, consumers are demanding applications that are highly interactive and instantly accessible from anywhere,” said Hassan Rashid – executive vice president, Global Sales & Marketing at Tavant. “Earlier, enterprises had to deploy complex, expensive, and inefficient software and servers to support these types of applications. But Kaazing’s platform, coupled with our expertise and leading-edge technology experience, will help us offer our customers new and innovative solutions for the real-time Web with scalable, secure and enterprise-class reliability to the desktop, browsers and mobile devices.”

Kaazing’s founding team played a major role in defining the HTML5 WebSocket specification. HTML5 WebSockets enable full duplex (or simultaneous two-way) connectivity over the Web. As opposed to the legacy architecture that has been the foundation of all Web communications since the early 1990s, HTML5 WebSockets upgrade the Web architecture to one that works like a telephone with fast, direct connections, rather than a walkie-talkie system that operates on a request and response model. The resulting implementations require much less infrastructure to be put in place for lower TCO, including lower software and hardware costs to dramatic reduction in bandwidth usage.

In addition, the Kaazing WebSocket platform brings a number of benefits that go well beyond the WebSocket standard, including support for legacy browsers, as well as support for various business protocols and client technologies. Furthermore, it includes enterprise class features that customers demand such as performance, scalability, reliability, resilience, security and manageability, that go well beyond the scope of the technology standard.

Santa Clara, CA based Tavant Technologies, has been at the forefront of Web streaming and real-time rich internet application (RIA) development over the last 12 years. Tavant has developed one of the largest Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based mortgage lending applications and the first Web-based streaming retail brokerage platform for the financial trading space. Tavant serves customers across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific in the Financial Services, Manufacturing Aftermarket, Media & Interactive Entertainment industries.

Leveraging the Kaazing platform, Tavant, with its expertise in Web streaming and rich multimedia content, will be able to help customers move from the legacy Web to the real-time Web. “Kaazing’s technology will enable us to provide our customers with a unified architecture independent of the Web device. This will also allow for faster time to market while dramatically reducing middleware infrastructure and operational costs,” said Manish Arya, CTO at Tavant. “The future of enterprise communications is based on interactive, collaborative applications working anywhere. That’s what the Kaazing Platform makes possible.”

“We are pleased to forge this strategic relationship with thought-leader Tavant, which extends Kaazing’s platform to a worldwide customer base looking to leverage new technologies for a competitive edge,” said Manuel Hoffmann, Vice President of Business Development at Kaazing. “This relationship endorses our vision to support the demand for living Web applications that our platform enables.”

About Tavant Technologies

Tavant Technologies is a specialized IT solutions & services provider that leverages its expertise to provide impactful results to its customers. We have leveraged our unrivaled capabilities and domain insights to create game changing results for leading businesses across chosen industry micro-verticals. We are known for our long-lasting customer relationships, engineering excellence and passionate employees. Founded in 2000, we are headquartered in Santa Clara, California and service customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

About Kaazing

Kaazing (www.kaazing.com )is the leading company focused on enabling the living Web – the nearly ubiquitous real-time, interactive, collaborative applications that have become the norm. Kaazing’s founding team played a key role in defining the WebSocket standard and the Kaazing platform is the world’s only enterprise solution for full-duplex, high-performance Web communication supporting the HTML5 WebSocket standard. Based in Mountain View, CA, Kaazing is privately held; some of its customers and partners include Informatica, TIBCO, and a variety of financial, ecommerce, and entertainment companies.

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