Tavant Technologies Partners with Parlo to Transform Mortgage Conversations

Santa Clara, Calif. October 25, 2016 –  Tavant Technologies, America’s leading innovative mortgage technology company, and Parlo today announced a partnership that will enable Tavant’s customers to deliver improved mortgage qualification and loan servicing with the use of automated chatbot technology.  Through the use of chatbots, borrowers will have the ability to get quotes, apply for a loan, as well as close and manage their loans. Borrowers can easily engage in a two-way conversation through messaging, fostering quicker service, with no wait times or frustrating calls to call centers.

Tavant is a leading mortgage technology company globally recognized for its innovative solutions. Parlo is an enterprise conversation platform for creating intelligent, contextual, automated response flows through one-to-one conversations in messaging channels that consumers use heavily such as Facebook Messenger. The partnership combines Tavant’s industry-leading technology solutions based on surround-and-extend philosophy, consulting services and data integration capabilities with Parlo’s cutting-edge chatbot enterprise platform to provide game-changing results for our customers.

The Parlo enterprise chatbot platform powers personalized conversations at scale through messaging. Parlo lets you create the perfect bot to automate conversations and tasks on major messaging apps—delighting consumers with every interaction. The integration with your organization’s enterprise systems pull content to create meaningful conversations, and the designer interface allows fast deployment of conversational experiences.

“Lenders seeking an edge in today’s digital wave of engaging with the consumer must implement modern communication technologies that deliver speedier follow-ups and superior consumer experiences,” said Mohammad Rashid, VP Mortgage Practice, Tavant Technologies. “Parlo is at the leading edge of this wave to transform the way firms interact with their consumers.”

“To satisfy consumers’ expectations and deliver meaningful business results to a lender, enterprise chatbots need to have solid back-end integration to the lending systems, and enable conversations from start-to-finish in the life of a loan. Tavant and Parlo are committed to making this happen, which makes this a great partnership,” said Murali Subbarao, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Parlo. “Together, we will enable lenders to reach their full potential and better service their consumers through conversational engagement.”

For more information, please visit www.tavant.com/ lending and www.parlo.io

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Parlo™ is a chatbot platform that enables brands to operate smarter bots for engaging conversations. Parlo helps digital media marketers create brand experiences that delight consumers in messaging apps. Through Parlo consumers can chat with brands 24/7 to access information, make purchases and seek support.

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