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Tavant Works With NextRadio to Develop iOS Streaming App Making The App Available on All US Mobile Devices

NextRadio FM streaming app powered by Tavant

Santa Clara, Calif.– October 18, 2017 – Tavant, a leading provider of software solutions to media and entertainment companies, today announced the delivery of the NextRadio iOS mobile application. With the launch, the NextRadio FM music streaming service is now available on any U.S. mobile device.

“Mobile users in the U.S. spend some 16% of their device time on music apps.* To best serve this growing listener base, we needed to offer our audience a way to access our service on their iOS devices, with enhanced features tailored for their unique mobile experience. Our Android version has more than 14 million downloads and we needed an experienced and creative technology partner to develop our iOS version. We chose to work with Tavant as they have developed some of the most popular entertainment apps in history – they are the right partner for this next stage of our company’s growth. They also have an in-depth understanding of the media business, and significant experience in business-to-consumer technologies – Tavant ‘gets’ the wow value of our product and they know how to please the consumer. And this trust in Tavant has paid off – we’ve seen a 30% increase in overall app downloads in just the first month since launching the iOS version,” stated Paul Brenner, President of TagStation the parent company of NextRadio.

“One of the most innovative features about our new iOS app is the Live Guide that allows people to see what’s playing in real-time on the thousands of FM stations available to our listeners.  Tavant did an outstanding job creating an iOS version of the Live Guide.  Now, not only can our listeners stream the most FM radio stations on NextRadio, but they can do so from any device, from virtually anywhere while enjoying the best mobile FM radio visual and audio experience,” further commented Brenner.

“Working on the NextRadio iOS app was very exciting and rewarding for our engineering and design teams. It was no small challenge to create a quality iOS app that would both extend the functionality of NextRadio’s rich online music service to mobile users while taking advantage of the newest audio and visual capabilities of iOS 10. There was a great sense of ‘wow’ and pride here at Tavant when the 50-ft tall NextRadio sign went up in Times Square on the day of our app’s launch.” commented Ravi Peravali, Tavant’s Vice President and Head of the Media and Entertainment business.

Android app development works in a very different way from iOS app programming. While there is an FM chip in all Android devices that can be freely utilized by developers, iOS device FM chips are locked. The advantage of the chip is that audio streaming occurs relatively quickly on Android devices as long the user is in working proximity to an FM tower. In developing NextRadio’s iOS app, Tavant focused on maximizing internet streaming performance capabilities that can play FM radio content regardless of FM tower location.

About TagStation, LLC the Power Behind NextRadio®

TagStation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corporation. TagStation provides radio station data to the NextRadio App. NextRadio, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TagStation, LLC and serves as the principal distributor of the NextRadio App. For more information about TagStation, visit TagStation.com. For more information about NextRadio, visit NextRadioApp.com.

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*ComScore 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

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