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Enterprise applications development, management, and modernization


Enterprise Application development, Legacy Modernization & Transformation Services in Mortgage Lending

Tavant brings more than 21 years of experience delivering advanced and technology-enabled products and solutions to mortgage lenders, Proptech, and banks, helping them with custom development, enhancing business processes, and Intelligent automation.

Our application transformation services cover all application lifecycle stages, from developing new applications to modernization, integration, management, and maintenance. Tavant’s proven track record in accelerating DevOps and Cloud services can migrate your legacy architecture to a modern digital platform.

We leverage our deep domain knowledge, engineering expertise, and execution strength to deliver next-generation, future-ready applications to our Lending customers. Our ready-to-use libraries for various aspects, including web security, document generation, implementations of data protocols, and more.

Application Development and Enhancements – Engineering is core to Tavant, and we offer various expertise in the application development space. Tavant has deployable reference architectures to accelerate customer development for different technology platforms such as Java/Spring, C#. These tested and tried reference architectures are built agnostic to hosting environments and can seamlessly work in on-premises and various cloud environments.

Most enterprises in the BFSI space have multiple legacy platforms, which are often difficult to decommission and replace. As part of modernization programs, Tavant has the processes and technologies to decommission older platforms and adopt new technologies incrementally. We recommend API/Micro Services driven cloud-enabled components with a robust integration framework to support such modernizations.


DevOps-driven Application Development and Enhancement

Our modern application development enables digital innovation and enhances user experience through our lean-agile development and software engineering methodologies.

API and Microservices Development

Over the last few years, our work on various microservice platforms has allowed us to engage and collaborate closely with our lending and Proptech clients. These relationships have allowed us to develop a deep level of understanding when it comes to APIs and microservices architectures.

Application-led cloud Migration

Tavant helps lending clients evaluate, re-design, and transition their applications to the most suitable cloud through its robust data migration framework, including migration strategy, resource planning, and risk mitigation.

Legacy Modernization

We replaced legacy systems for lending clients with modern solutions that simplify complex operations and reduce costs, thereby improving customer experiences and allowing mortgage lenders to operate with more agility.



Increase in speed to market through faster application releases


Reduction in cost through intelligent automation


Improved productivity through modernization