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Digging Deep: Revitalizing Agriculture Through Regenerative Soil Health

Regenerative Agriculture is a form of farming and grazing practice that helps rebuild soil organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity. Explore the benefits of soil health, its indicators, methods of revitalization, and more to find out how these practices help result in carbon drawdown, improve the water cycle, and reverse climate change.

AI in Agriculture: Key Trends

AI in agriculture

In the vast expanse of agriculture, where every seed planted carries the weight of feeding a growing global population, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a revolution. As we stand at the cusp of a new era, the future of AI in agriculture technology promises to redefine how we cultivate, monitor, and sustain […]

Tavant Agtech solutions

Tavant’s innovative and intelligent AgTech solutions enable future-ready farms for the entire agricultural sector.

Legacy System

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Setting up a Mulesoft Center of Enablement, for a leading conglomerate, to enable modernizing and building APIs at a lightning speed.

GIS Technology: Enabling Pinpoint Precision


Unraveling the complexities of modern agriculture, it’s crucial to understand the recurring expenditures that the farming community shoulders each season. At the heart of these are the procurement of seeds and fertilizers, key expenses that can make or break a harvest. Traditional farming techniques rely heavily on manual methods, increasing the expenses braced. Its efficiency […]

Precision Agriculture: Technology to Improve Farming in Digital Era (Part 2)


The evolution of precision agriculture technology You may have heard of precise agriculture, but do you understand what it entails and how it transforms modern agriculture? Precise agriculture, also known as precision agriculture or precision farming, is an innovative approach to farming that utilizes advanced technology to optimize agricultural production. It collects and analyzes data […]

Tavant and Bayer Enter into an Innovative AgriTech Partnership to Transform Sustainable Farming Practices

SANTA CLARA, Calif. SANTA CLARA, Calif., – Tavant, Silicon Valley’s leading digital products and solutions company, today announced a strategic partnership with Bayer, a global leader in agriculture solutions, to introduce innovative AgriTech solutions that will empower organizations to drive innovation and growers to optimize crop yields, reduce expenses, and minimize their environmental footprint. The partnership comes at […]

Precision Agriculture: Technology to Improve Farming in Digital Era (Part 1 of 2)

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Precision agriculture is a farming methodology that analyzes temporal and geographical variability to increase agricultural production sustainability. Precision agriculture employs cutting-edge technology such as satellite images and field mapping to aid in yield optimization, crop management, and crop quality and profitability. Precision agriculture differs from conventional agriculture in that it manages fields by watching, measuring, […]

PanAmerican Seed Leverages Tavant’s Artificial Intelligence Expertise to Optimize its Seed Production Process

SANTA CLARA, CA (JULY 14, 2021) Data-driven predictive analytics will empower a sustainable tomorrow. Tavant, a  digital products and solutions company, today announced it has partnered with PanAmerican Seed,  which is a part of Ball Horticultural Company, a leader in all facets of horticulture. The partnership will help Ball Horticultural company create its master data lake platform architecture and further […]

Tavant and Truterra Deepen Strategic Partnership for Connected Agtech Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 9, 2021 Tavant, a leading digital products and solutions company, today announced a strategic alliance with Truterra, LLC (formerly Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN) to help expand sustainability management practices while increasing on-farm profitability. Tavant will support Truterra on the next evolution of its Agtech platform, called Truterra™ Insights Engine, which will include […]