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Testing of Gaming Applications

This is an overview of various approaches/techniques that can be adopted for testing gaming applications, especially those developed in C++.

Online Platform Services for a Leading Game Company

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Tavant’s expertise in gaming platforms and tools helped one of the world’s leading video game and interactive entertainment companies roll out a new scalable system which adequately addressed the customer’s business concerns and propelled business growth.

Enabling a Rich Experience for Media Consumers

major trends in the digital media space, and highlight the features and advantages of Adobe CQ, a WCM solution that can help organizations ride to success on these new digital waves.

The 3-D Approach to Digital Advertising

This paper outlines a 3-D approach to tackling and winning the game of advertising. It provides a strategy for succeeding in the competitive advertising market through the use of – Data, Decision, and Design.

Tavant Over The Top OTT Brochure

Increase customer engagement across digital channels Tavant partners with leading media companies to deliver innovative content monetization solutions.

Success Stories

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A scalable ad platform for leading publishers/ad networks to serve ads on desktop, mobile and tablet within milliseconds.


Implementing the Best Scaled Agile Framework for Faster and Better Business Results.