Generative AI – Impact on Software Testing

What is Generative AI?  Generative AI uses deep learning algorithms, like those in machine translation, to analyze massive datasets. It utilizes the patterns and relationships it discovers in the data to generate entirely new outputs that resemble, but differ from, what it has previously seen. Relevance in Software Testing: Generative AI has significant implications for […]

Maximizing the Impact of Test Automation

As we are all aware, software permeates various aspects of our lives, from mobile apps to business-essential systems. As software becomes more complicated, reliability and quality become harder to assure. Test automation proves particularly valuable when this occurs. Time has witnessed the evolution of test automation into an integral aspect of software development, resulting in improved efficiency and […]

Empowering DevOps Testing: The Strategic Evolution of Quality Assurance


Incorporating software testing into the DevOps paradigm can immensely affect project results. The main idea behind DevOps is that it promotes cooperation between different departments and helps to unify diverse teams. Teamwork is crucial in a DevOps approach. It fosters closer collaboration between the testers, developers, and operations staff in which they eliminate age-old walls […]

7 Principles for Quality
at Speed


The term “Quality at Speed” is synonymous with today’s modern software development practices, focusing on delivering high-quality software as fast as possible. These are suggestions that (we hope) will help teams ship quality software quickly. The specific details might vary depending on which framework or methodology you are working with (e.g., Agile, DevOps), but below […]

Test Automation Coexists Well with Exploratory Testing

In exploratory testing, the tester analyses the software system without utilizing a formal test plan or script and instead relies on their expertise and intuition to spot any flaws. It is notably helpful for detecting brand-new, unforeseen problems as well as weaknesses that less formal testing methods can overlook. Also, it is a fantastic technique […]

Exploratory Testing: The Most Valuable Viewpoint for Testers

Software testing is a practice that helps to assure the quality of software products and is a decisive component of software development. The extensive topic of testing covers a broad range of techniques, strategies, and tactics. The most crucial testing technique is exploratory testing.   Exploratory testing: what is it? Exploratory testing is a strategy […]

Top Five Trends in Software Testing

The rapid changes and multiple ups and downs in software application development necessitate that development teams and quality engineers aim to improve their skills continuously. Every organization today strives to get its apps to market as soon as feasible. Organizations are embracing best practices such as Agile + DevOps + QAOps to minimize time to […]

Top Metrics & Measures to Determine Test Automation’s True ROI


Test automation is critical in a fast-paced agile development environment for releasing products faster by speeding up the test execution cycle, improving efficiency, and finding regression errors early. However, if we cannot assure the effectiveness of this process, test automation investments may be wasted. Test automation metrics reveal whether your approach is effective. Before diving […]

Code-based versus Low-Code/No-Code test automation solutions: Which one to Choose?


Concerns about the quality of software test automation solutions are growing every day, and we face an array of challenges in addressing them. One of the challenges is that we have several test automation solutions to automate our test cases (Web, API, Mobile, etc.). Some test automation solutions in the market require exceptionally good programming […]

QAOps – Shift in the QA paradigm


What is it? Is it a specialization or a new team role? – The answer is No. QAOps, also known as Continuous Quality (CQ), is a process of including quality engineering (QE) in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). So, instead of being an isolated process, software testing is integrated into the CI/CD pipeline. It […]