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Maximizing the Impact of Test Automation

As we are all aware, software permeates various aspects of our lives, from mobile apps to business-essential systems. As software becomes more complicated, reliability and quality become harder to assure. Test automation proves particularly valuable when this occurs. Time has witnessed the evolution of test automation into an integral aspect of software development, resulting in improved efficiency and […]

Top Metrics & Measures to Determine Test Automation’s True ROI


Test automation is critical in a fast-paced agile development environment for releasing products faster by speeding up the test execution cycle, improving efficiency, and finding regression errors early. However, if we cannot assure the effectiveness of this process, test automation investments may be wasted. Test automation metrics reveal whether your approach is effective. Before diving […]

AI is the future of test automation- Are you Ready?

Traditional QE Isn’t Working Anymore Traditional tried-and-tested methods of testing and quality need to catch up in today’s changing environment. A siloed approach: Typical QE teams are separated from development teams. This structure concentrates on optimizing the subcomponents and deviates from the true purpose of enhancing the user experience. Slowing overall engineering velocity: Traditional quality engineering […]

Code-based versus Low-Code/No-Code test automation solutions: Which one to Choose?


Concerns about the quality of software test automation solutions are growing every day, and we face an array of challenges in addressing them. One of the challenges is that we have several test automation solutions to automate our test cases (Web, API, Mobile, etc.). Some test automation solutions in the market require exceptionally good programming […]

CI/CD and Security Testing Integration


Introduction CI and CD = Continuous integration & Continuous delivery OR Continuous deployment. CI/CD is the modern-day software development process in which we can release updates at any time in a sustainable way. The code changes are made frequently and dependably based on customer requests and the sprint life cycle. A CI/CD pipeline, popularly known […]

Is It Essential for Lenders and Banks to Embrace Quality Engineering to Achieve Speed and Agility?


Why is good quality engineering important in financial services? Lenders, banks, and insurance companies are increasingly replacing legacy systems and adopting improved technologies across the enterprise, which requires the highest quality engineering and software testing capabilities. Unsurprisingly, their development initiatives are centered on the need to improve efficiencies, add new functionality, and reduce operating costs. […]

Revamping Security Paradigm in the Evolving Technology Landscape


The COVID-19 pandemic forced governments around the world to impose strict travel restrictions and encourage employees to work from home. Technology and connectivity suddenly became more important as companies worldwide scrambled to keep functioning under difficult working conditions. But the IT infrastructure of many companies wasn’t prepared for the rise in cyberattacks. While businesses were […]

Quality Engineering Trends in 2021


The new consumer demands nothing less than instant gratification. Need a cab? It’ll reach your location in 5 minutes. Hungry? Give the food tech app 24 minutes. Maybe less. Besides, digital services are seeing a large-scale adoption from consumers around the world, and COVID-19 has further accelerated this pace of adoption. These trends leave no […]

Three Step Process to Automate Software Testing


Large software organizations have long been patronizing software testing. However, small and medium (SMBs) sized companies find manual testing time consuming and expensive.  For such companies, automation can prove to be the right alternative. Given below is a three step process to automate your software testing requirements: STEP ONE Any software which requires functional tests, […]

CUITe Might be the Next Step Forward in Functional Automation


Coded UI is a highly powerful module in Visual Studio which simplifies coding in terms of UI and Functional Testing.  However, Coded UI, in spite of its advantages has one major flaw – it typically generates a code which is based on recordings of manual tasks performed in the UI! The recordings are done as per […]