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Changing Pace of Business With Digital Assurance

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Delivering Customer Delight with Digital Assurance
Digital assurance – A Key Enabler for Digital Transformation Success

Digital assurance is a significant step forward in quality engineering practice. Its adoption is growing by leaps and bounds and is set to achieve a CAGR of 12.9% by 2026. The end goal of digital assurance is to deliver customer delight and peak performance. DevOps, AI, and automation make digital assurance even more effective. Let us take the example of Guild Mortgage, a leading mortgage lender and advisor in the United States specializing in residential home loans. The company had over 3000 employees. Loan officers and real estate agents delivering in a distributed ecosystem. LOS and POS systems were scattered, making collaboration difficult. Guild Mortgage had to maintain a consistent relationship with community banks and credit unions. Unfulfilled customer needs and underserved segments were an increasing worry that needed immediate attention. The company adopted digital assurance to ensure end customer delight. It was a path to foster better collaboration between loan officers, real estate agents, as well as customers.

With digital assurance, Guild Mortgage achieved significant business benefits. They built a mobile application to streamline the collaboration between various moving parts of the lending ecosystem. As part of the digital assurance framework, they tested the app on various devices and operating systems, ensuring platform-agnostic peak performance.


Delivering Customer Delight with Digital Assurance


Seamless Collaboration and Uninterrupted Customer Experience with Digital Assurance

Today, Guild Mortgage real estate agents are collaborating better with loan agents. The organization can customize loan collaterals as per customer needs, thanks to the ability to partner with customers at every step of the journey via the mobile app. Loan agents, too, have a seamless experience with the integration of proprietary and commercial systems. There is zero disruption or downtime at various touchpoints. Customers can access the platform on mobile devices from anywhere without disruptions. This is made possible by leveraging mobile cloud technologies and extensive usability testing.

With digital assurance, this seamless collaboration and operation can become a reality for any organization.

Bringing Speed in Value Delivery with DevOps and Testing

A holistic approach and the right framework accelerate value delivery with digital assurance. Today, the metrics for successful digital assurance are DevOps, automation, and testing. Data security, product performance, and customer experience are all tied together. Various parameters are tested for functionality, performance, and security. Testing of applications, APIs, analytics, big data, and DR takes centerstage in digital assurance. The result? Accelerated value delivery and peak performance.

Digital Quality Assured with Tavant’s Four Pillar Strategy

Tavant’s digital assurance team is on a quest to innovate for quality. Tavant follows a four-pillar strategy to deliver the highest level of digital assurance for its customers. The strategy is designed with customer focus at its core to deliver end-to-end benefits of digital transformation. Customer experience testing, omnichannel testing, performance, and security testing contribute to customer satisfaction. The second pillar is testing various aspects of business processes. It includes the functionality of platforms, big data, analytics, and cloud components.

The third and fourth pillars combine innovation and delivery. Test automation and DevOps build agility and innovation in businesses. Application delivery management, release management, and enterprise application management accelerate value delivery. This holistic approach supports customers’ digital journey by optimizing digital practices.

What Next in Digital Assurance?

Digital transformation is no longer a choice for businesses that want to deliver a great customer experience. It is a requisite, further enabled by quality assurance practices. Digital assurance is paving the way for enterprises to deliver delightful customer experiences in a device-agnostic, omnichannel world. With digital assurance, businesses are engaging their customers and speeding up product deliveries across devices and platforms.

However, digital assurance is not a one-time activity. Digital assurance is a continuous practice aligned to larger business goals.  The future of digital assurance is smart and automated testing, and the practice is evolving at a rapid pace as new technologies enter the ecosystem. One thing is certain. As the business landscape moves towards omnichannel, device- and platform-agnostic 4IR models, only a relentless focus on digital assurance can help organizations realize the true benefits of digital transformations.  Organizations can now maintain and sustain the pace of change in today’s digital-enabled business world.

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