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Content Management Solution to Enable Easy Ad Inventory Access

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Enterprise content management systems are now using the features of ad inventories and helping publishers generate high ROIs. You no longer need to spend much time responding to requests for proposal (RFPs). You now have an ad inventory that’s extremely user compatible and helps you identify the right package for your prospect. With an enterprise content management (ECM) system, you can reduce huge layers of spreadsheets and translations. You can focus solely on whatever you sell best and provide ready explanations to your customers.

Understand and classify your inventory

Software can be designed to understand your inventory and make smart automated decisions based on understanding. You no longer have to sit with queer acronyms and naming conventions. You can actually report, prioritize and push a campaign in real-time. Using predictive analytics and intuitive workflow, you now reduce human error using multi-selection fields that can be customized.

With ECMs you can now classify your inventory with the same concepts used for selling it. The software can provide an innovative approach to describing inventories using natural language. You no longer need to use complicated conventions to name the ad servers. Moreover, with workflow and UI, less time is spent on operations and more time on generating revenue.

Configuring complex pricing structures

The ad industry has a complex pricing structure. The more you mix the media inventory involving different currencies, the more complex it gets. To price every advertisement accurately, especially within a robust inventory, a price management solution may be required. This solution has to be capable of catering to the complex demands from the big publishers that manage a wide range of advertisements. Even with the most motivated team in product management, it’s mostly difficult for managers to find out which product makes maximum sales and which one works best when collaborating with another product or service.

Custom content is now using price configuration modes to easily create and update different rates. Content management solutions can also adapt to different rate cards where different rates and currencies can be assigned. This actually leads to much faster and specified content distribution, capable of targeting a niche audience.

It is a good decision to look for software that uses comprehensive ECM solutions to collect invoice, inventory information, sales and customer relation management (CRM) in an integrated way. This helps analyzing the inventory’s value with easily made reports and properly direct your cost criteria.

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