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Ensuring Loyalty With Personalization

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It is no secret that consumers appreciate that personal touch. It is in building brand loyalty, and digital marketers do understand that. Personalization, today, has reached a stage beyond simple log-in and log-out messages. Big data has enabled companies to read the minds and understand behaviors of consumers. Brands now have access to consumer profile, purchase history, internet browsing behavior and several other significant aspects. This makes it easy for marketers to aim and shoot across their message. Tailored-content is the talk of the advertising town. It’s all about breaking from the clutter and making yourself heard.

With the emergence of sophisticated content and programmatic technologies, personalization tools can now analyze user behavior in real-time and instantly deliver targeted content across multiple user channels. Several industries are actively focusing on personalized content to attract users. One of the verticals fast setting the benchmark is the retail space. It has been observed that retailers who use personalization as an integral part of their strategy have seen an increase in brand growth, metrics and bottom line.

How retailers are effectively incorporating personalization to build sustainable brand loyalty:

  1. Personalized product recommendations: Based on buying records, retailers today, send out product recommendations and information on new launches via emails, texts or communicate through social media to customers. Consumers are grouped according to their browsing history and online behavior. Basis this data, retailers shoot targeted content to consumers in order to retarget, remind and create an inclination for purchase. It’s a great opportunity for cross-selling and upselling.
  2. Email marketing: It is a terrific way to generate leads and convert more prospects. Retailers actively send promotional mailers about products and discounts to a select group of people to induce them to engage and buy.
  3. Personalized discounts: Such offers take sales to an altogether different level. A great example of this can be seen in how e-commerce websites segment their customers based on their product purchase history and the kind of money they usually spend on buying. The companies then offer discounts or freebies to lure these customers into buying more.


Personalization in the digital world is all about getting to know your customers and enticing them with the right message at the right time. Real-time technology combined with powerful content makes for an invincible formula that ensures better conversions and brand loyalty.

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