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Extended Warranties: A Retrospection

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In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are concentrating not just on sales but the aftermarket promises – made in the form of extended warranties. While people have been reading the abundant material, written by skeptics, on why extended warranties might do more harm than good, efficient contract management has proved to be the key to retaining and expanding customer bases for many manufacturers.

There is a growing need for organizations to imbibe technological innovation into their culture. The current drive is to automatically manage rules for payouts, contact deadlines, rates, replaceable spares, and so forth. A better customer management process can only be achieved with an end-to-end support system in place.

What customers like

Customers relentlessly crave for more – every time and are willing to spread the good words about your brand if you make them feel that warranty claims are a cakewalk. Organizations, thus, use intelligence-driven claim-submission modules for customers to avoid unnecessary interactions.

Extended warranty holds the key to OEM profitability, and in the long run, helps achieve deeper market penetration with smart, dynamic pricing. It is a general observation that a field asset may not be replaced entirely, especially if the spare is not included in the warranty.

That is where you can create the scope for a customer to benefit from the power of dynamic pricing while offering extended warranty. You can offer to replace the spare for a one-time payment, which optimally covers the cost and doesn’t create a burden on any of the sides of the business. Thus, extended warranty helps attract more customers and improves ROI, while increasing your aftermarket profitability.

Offering what customers prefer

With artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled features like new quote management, OEMs and dealers can reach out to customers with new offers and promotions. Preparation of such offers can be a daunting task for sales teams, but with smart technology, they can progress efficiently. In this way, customers can benefit from real-time pre-approved discounts, pricing updates, the latest products and services, and more. Organizations are looking for platforms which can deliver such information in a customized way and increase the real value offered to customers.

Extended warranty a common practice

Decentralized operations of extended warranty have reaped benefits for organizations as well as customers. It is standard practice these days that dealers or distributors offer extended warranties in addition to standard warranties provided by OEMs. This approach creates value and captures market share by extending goodwill toward the market.

And, finally

It is imperative for OEMs to monitor their internal policies continuously and maintain their command over operations. That would prevent leakage through fraudulent claims and add to customer delight. Organizations require a flexible technology arm, which can modify, cancel, and alter contracts as per client demands, but in line with the organization culture.

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