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Go Touchless: The game-changer that Saves 60% of Time on Appraisal Report Analysis

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Collateral Management in an Uncertain World

When conducting a formal appraisal review, many tasks are repetitive and don’t require high expertise. Underwriters spend time manually locating and importing files from multiple sources, which increases costs and decreases productivity. Technology can automate the labor-intensive parts of the appraisal quality control workflow, and machine learning can identify potential risk areas that require deeper evaluation by the underwriter.


Go Touchless: The game-changer that Saves 60% of Time on Appraisal Report Analysis


Collateral Automation – the Time is Now

The process of manually reviewing appraisals involves two primary steps that are time-consuming. The first step involves gathering information, including importing files such as MLS photos and collecting loan details. Although these tasks are simple, they take a lot of time and only offer some additional benefits when done manually. The second step is the actual review of the appraisal, which can take upwards of two hours, depending on the length and complexity of the document. The average appraisal is over 30 pages long and contains hundreds of data points, dozens of photographs, and addenda.

According to the 2022 Cost to Originate Survey by Freddie Mac, lenders incur a fully loaded hourly cost of $132 for personnel involved in processing and underwriting. This cost translates to an average of $99 per loan file for the appraisal quality control process. Therefore, it is crucial for lenders to consider the expenses incurred in 45 minutes.

The Advanced Collateral Management in a Nutshell:

  1. Enhanced efficiency – Create and easily manage collateral and appraisal across numerous business lines.
  2. Increased compliance – Recommended practices for handling perfections, manual evaluations, renewals, and releases that can be configured.
  3. Improved opportunities – Maximize your understanding of current and future loan performance by automating collateral data capture.
  4. Simplified environment – All parties benefit from an intuitive view of interrelationships that coordinates and simplifies access. Streamlines the time-consuming process of manually analyzing assessments, allowing underwriters to concentrate on more important concerns.
  5. Better control while reducing risk – Proactive and efficient collateral capture and management in a single global deployment for enhanced risk control.
  6. The Future of Collateral Management


Collateral Analysis, the second new addition to Tavant’s Touchless Lending® platform, automates the time-consuming process of manually reviewing appraisals, freeing up underwriters to focus on other vital issues. This feature includes GSE and private investor guideline checks, validation of appraisal information, analysis of home images and appraiser comments using AI/ML techniques, and FEMA, USPS, and flood zone information authentication.

Collateral Analysis also offers various features, such as validating appraisal information across the loan file, including title, sales contract, flood, homeowners’ insurance policies, etc. It uses various AI/ML techniques to automatically analyze home images and appraiser comments to identify and escalate issues. It offers authentication checks for FEMA, USPS, and Flood Zone.

Touchless Lending Collateral Analysis leads to faster and more accurate decision-making and closing by eliminating manual work and identifying and addressing issues automatically. This tool benefits all mortgage businesses and exceeds the capabilities of current industry-standard appraisal review tools. It reduces the time it takes to analyze an appraisal report by 60%.

It simplifies the time-consuming assessment review process. The technology automates the underwriters’ tedious job, allowing them to focus on other important matters that require quick responses. Touchless Collateral is intended to help every mortgage channel of business and goes much beyond the conventional appraisal review tools that are currently accessible.

What’s Next?

For more information on Touchless Lending® Collateral Analysis, click here or contact us at [email protected] to schedule a demo.


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