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How are New Age Technologies Powering Test Automation?

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Test automation is not a new testing concept; however, it is still underutilized, with less than 20% of testing being automated. Test automation is among the top testing trends globally. The reason why test automation is still a global trend and will remain so in the next few years to come is because of the constantly changing market dynamics.

For instance, companies like Uber and Airbnb have transformed the transportation and hospitality industry, respectively. They are major disruptors that have put their competitors out of business, with the help of technology.

As a result of these changing technologies, enterprises need to be on their toes to not only adopt the latest digital technologies but also have the provision for testing these technologies swiftly. This is where new-age technologies such as AI/ML and innovation can help.


Test Automation


Here are some of the ways new technologies and innovation can help in increasing the efficiency of test automation:

Artificial Intelligence as a catalyst:

Testing in today’s world is about efficiency in terms of reliability and time. Artificial intelligence assists test automation by making testing more efficient. AI/ML can help in quickly identifying the defects by going through the test files at a greater speed than a human can do.

Moreover, AI/ML can be designed to create algorithms that can help in generating better test cases, scripts, and data. Additionally, predictive models can be developed using AI/ML that can provide insights on what, where, and when to test. AI, therefore, has tremendous potential to drive the next level test automation that would be much more efficient than its predecessors.

IPs and Platforms:

Automation platforms are a big help for testers. Typically, an automation test platform provides a quick turnaround and comprehensive automated test coverage with limited manual intervention, thus helping in saving time and performing tests 24/7. It also helps in overcoming the failures of manual testing, which in turn improves ROI. Having said that, one tool cannot fulfill all test automation purposes. Test automation platforms must be selected after thorough requirement analysis and the ease of use by the available testers in the business.

Cloud technology driving test automation:

Cloud technology has been one of the biggest technology transformation agents recently. This is applicable in test automation too. Testing in cloud is not only cost-effective but also scalable – cloud has the option to increase or decrease the required configurations as and when required.

Additionally, testing in cloud provides support for all the available platforms, devices, and browsers and enables continuous delivery by allowing running automated test scripts immediately after code changes.


Test automation has been in use for some time. However, the importance of test automation persists, and with the growing challenge of delivering quality products in the required timeframe, automation in testing remains valuable.

The need of the hour is to leverage the latest digital technologies in delivering test automation that can cater to the above challenge and help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Tavant’s expertise in leveraging AI/ML, cloud, and data analytics, along with its test automation platform, has helped companies achieve significant improvement in their ROI.

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