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How to Increase ROI by Efficiently Capturing Leads From All Sources?

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Lead generation is as old as the book, but in recent years digital channels have added a whole new chapter. Industries like consumer lending, automobiles, software, manufacturing and many others have turned to the Internet to generate sales leads.

However, according to Econsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. Furthermore, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them.

A key challenge- Capturing and measuring leads from various channels

Online leads go cold fast. These are sobering facts. Moreover, capturing and measuring leads from various marketing channels and campaigns is the key challenge for most of the organizations. Apparently, data is all scattered and organizations are finding it difficult to capture and measure leads from disparate channels. Leads are not automatically getting distributed to team members, and this is hampering rapid response and revenue. This also makes data sharing between teams extremely cumbersome.

Why is Follow-up of leads faltering?

The main reason behind this is that the sales and marketing teams are not on the same page. There is a double entry of data and scattered and complicated data management process that is reducing the response time drastically. There is no systematic process to create rules to distribute leads to teams and no automated follow-up task alerts or e-mail notifications to initiate e-mail drip campaigns; subsequently, these causes are leading to the time-consuming setup and costly maintenance.

In conclusion

The need of the hour- Your leads deserve timely follow up

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