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Innovative Digital Advertising for Higher Revenue through Media Planning

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With smart, tech-savvy millennials preferring minimal encroachment by ads, drawing attention becomes a challenge for marketers, but technology is bringing new ways to stay connected. Marketers need to unlearn and re-learn technology, consumer preferences, competitor actions and a host of other variables. Only then can they stay relevant in the dynamic marketplace.

It is vital for brands to look out for innovative advertising solutions that entice next-gen consumers. Marketers need to rethink their advertising strategies, decipher the right mix of channels, and implement the optimum amount of investment to survive, sustain, and grow.

Innovation is the key

1. Personalized advertising: Programmatic technologies allow marketers to effectively decipher customer profiles and shoot across personalized, targeted messages to prospects. At a time when it is crucial for brands to be succinct and informative at the same time, targeted advertising works wonders in attracting potential revenue generators.

2. Transactional ads: They allow users to purchase just by clicking on digital ads, without even visiting the advertiser’s website. Transactional ads are in vogue and disruptive technology allows the use of a single touchpoint for interaction and purchase. By upselling and cross-selling via these ads, companies can achieve higher ROI from their advertising spend while reducing the time to purchase.

3. In-app advertising: With smartphones emerging as the major chunk of the advertising pie, in-app advertising is gaining its share of eyeballs. In-app advertising works great for sending highly targeted messages to a segmented audience. An ad network pays the ad developer to include its code into the application so that when the app is running, the ad network serves targeted advertisements through the software. In-app advertising is reckoned to be the next big thing.

4. Native ads: As a response to users being somewhat blind to traditional banners, native advertising has been a solution to rely on. Advertisements are cohesively delivered and integrated into the page design. This way, the user feels that the ad is actually a part of the content, at least at first glimpse. And native advertising is proving to be a great way to create brand awareness.

The future is here

Innovative technologies do bring challenges and marketers need to think creatively to overcome technological and operational barriers. The future of digital advertising is all about programmatic technology because it is designed for targeting the right people with what they might need. Identifying that correctly is impossible by manual methods, and that is why programmatic can set brands apart and help them sustain profits.

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