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Integrating Kaltura with AEM for a Seamless Video Experience

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enables users to create, edit, manage and optimize websites across different digital channels such as web, mobile, and social. Integrating Kaltura with AEM helps save all the videos in Kaltura and reduces the burden on AEM.

Kaltura is a secure audio/video streaming service that allows uploading and embedding high-quality media. Some of the key advantages of AEM-Kaltura integration are:

˃    Helps in uploading individual media files from desktop to Kaltura

˃    Facilitates multiple media file upload from desktop to Kaltura in one shot

˃    Helps to record just-in-time audio/video messages for assignments and/or feedback

Steps for Integration

  1. Create an account on Kaltura’s website using the link below:


  1. Create a job in AEM project which is scheduled to run at regular intervals. Its purpose will be to fetch all the metadata and thumbnail images of all the videos from your Kaltura account and save them in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Below is a screenshot of the Job created in AEM. This code fetches all the metadata from Kaltura.

The properties shown in the above screenshot are of the account created on Kaltura’s website which would be used to connect to Kaltura API to fetch the videos.

The video player can be dynamically embedded on the web page to run videos. Below is the code to do this.

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