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iOS 7: Do you really ‘need’ it? Or just ‘want’ it?

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The iOS 7 release took a toll on Internet traffic, with Akamai’s Real-time Web Monitor reporting Internet traffic at 112% above normal on September 18th. The probable cause – iOS 7 upgrade. At one point, the iOS 7 download overtook Netflix’s traffic. Thanks to transparent caching or some other intelligent feature, the Internet didn’t really break down, but for Conan O’Brien, it did!

Now for the real question – whether to upgrade to iOS 7 now or wait. The one and only answer is “Yes”,  in whichever way you look at it. But there is much more to it. For an average user of the iPhone, it’s the drastically new user-interface that is driving the upgrade. But for more savvy users, it’s beyond the new aesthetics. Overall, three things stand out with the iOS 7 – iBeacon, Finger Print Scanner (hardware dependent), and AirDrop. Will all these make the little things in everyday life simpler? Only time will tell.

Though all Apple users will upgrade to iOS 7, regardless of the model or device, the real intriguing part is the all-important debate – the one between Needs and Wants. Do you need iOS 7 or do you want it? For the vast majority,  the answer is they want iOS 7 but don’t actually need it. The reason is also quite obvious –  iOS 7 offers many remarkable features and capabilities, but the World is not ready yet (I can be wrong!). The AirDrop feature is quite cool as many iPhone users have been struggling with file sharing for a long time. But the other capabilities might take time for adoption and real use. Some vendors have started to offer Bluetooth LE-enabled beacons and payment services to make life simpler. But how many such examples do we see today – only a handful.

Having said that, Apple has done something incredible that no other company has done yet – making hardware, software and services come together like never before. The possibilities are infinite but will take time for larger adoption and start to make those “Little Everyday Things” much simpler.

So do you really need to upgrade to iOS 7 now? Go for it to experience the shape of things to come, but for actual use you might have to wait.\

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