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Making Sense of A Media-Fragmented World

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Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. What was innovative yesterday is obsolete today.  With traditional channels like OOHs and TV slot ads fast being replaced by CMS and media planning solutions, all media channels have become fragmentized. The internet is possibly the most splintered of them all.

While technological advances are the prime consequence of the ‘digital era’, they also pose a challenge to marketers. Consumers have become early adopters. They seek activities that can add value to their lifestyle. This being the mantra of today’s tech-savvy generation, marketers need to invariably work on new products and services. Added to that is the evolution and fragmentation of the media world. Companies need to keep pace with emerging channels of communication. Only then can they deliver device-agnostic, exciting content to touch base with audiences.

Reach out and resonate

Here are the top 5 ways how businesses can stay relevant in the market and resonate with their prospects in a media-fragmented space:

  1. Target audience: Companies need to understand who their customers are. Segmenting and selecting ideal customer groups is no longer simply based on demographics. Brands need to understand their audiences on psychographic and behavioral levels.
  2. Content rules: Customer engagement is the key to marketing success. At a time when prospects don’t want to be spammed with unnecessary advertising, marketers need to focus on engaging, and more personalized marketing collaterals. The need of the hour is creating fresh, relevant content to drive in-bound traffic.
  3. Go social: Firms need to incorporate social media strategies relevant to their business. Social media plays an integral role in shaping opinions, behaviors, and perceptions around brands. Social media is a great way to remain connected with their audience in real time.
  4. Think mobile: With websites soon to be phased out, firms need to start going mobile. Mobile internet and programmatic solutions will dominate the digital age.
  5. Big on big data: Companies need to make use of raw data to come up with business-relevant information that can result in effective marketing campaigns and increased ROIs.

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