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Operational Efficiency and Excellence with Media Planning Software

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Media planning can be quite a Herculean task. Cross-channel communication using multiple mediums like social media, mobile, email, etc. is difficult. Additionally, understanding and meeting the media needs of a business is not easy. Therefore, for success, it is vital to plan the entire media campaign.

To meet challenges, media planners take a consolidated approach towards managing a campaign. Software solutions help them in this effort of running sophisticated campaigns for brands globally. These Media Planning Software solutions use data from 1st party and 3rd party on premium inventory and cater to all formats, devices and channels. The real-time metrics in the software enables tracking of the economic impact, investments and performance of all the products during a campaign’s data-run optimization process.

The entire software is consolidated keeping in mind the following benefits:

Robust planning

The media planning software delivers functionalities and tools that businesses need for programmatic buying. There are a host of partner segments created from the integrated data that can effectively target audience. These segmentations of digital format consider the key performance indicators (KPIs) according to the requirement of the given campaign.

Buying design

The software is designed to simultaneously process and execute the analytics and workflow of an inventory. It can instantly access open premium exchanges and/or import reserves from programmatic inventory in the software. This enables optimized measuring of the inventory streams from the same folder.

Measurement metrics

Measurement of different metrics may vary depending on the means used for creating them. Some can add together huge number of brand metrics available in a single folder. This is done to evaluate the audience, creative performance, inventory, and visibility in real-time.


The purpose behind creating such advanced algorithms is to continuously monitor the performance of campaigns. This helps in optimized delivery of content in an effective manner to meet or go beyond the campaign’s expected goals. The tools are capable of increasing efficiencies and dynamically optimize these campaigns.

There are wide ranges of choices available with web publishers to partner with ad media networks and generate revenue. Recent emergence of exchanges has provided a more optimized and effective channel to sell media content.


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