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Optimize Ad Targeting by Leveraging Human Emotions

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In a world facing information deluge, digital ad delivery is a proven way of maximizing sustainable business traction. However, it can be a tricky business to be in, due to the oversimplification of its usage and value proposition it can offer. Due to the involvement of multiple players (buyers and sellers) with divergent interests for pervasive ad frauds, it is easy to lose control and perspective over the quality of ads.

Enhancing the efficacy of digital ads

Header bidding has helped publishers gain some control over the type of ads delivered on their pages. Against this backdrop, the need for an ad library which can intuitively intercept, and tailor ad calls made to respective ad servers becomes paramount. This disruption can be an effective way to include new ad call parameters based on the content delivered on the page. It circumvents the overall need to develop messy applications and amplifies latency for ad delivery.

New parameters to be determined on the original ad server call can be provided from a separate ’emotion’ database derived from multiple types of content. This database will tap into the emotion or sentiment felt by the user reading an article. These emotions are channelized for targeting ads towards a specific piece of content. E.g., content tagged as ‘adventurous’ can be displayed to a hiking or camping gear maker, and in the event of a catastrophic tragedy, the ad can be structured accordingly or blocked altogether.

The key advantage is that all these events can be seamlessly configured into the ad library. It can also be seen that the real value of emotion database is in its ability to demonstrate the dynamic, real-time nature of the content.

Final Thoughts

Enable data compliance, ensure customer centricity

This ingenious method of ad targeting ensures ads are not predicated on consumers’ browsing data. Instead, it will be based on the nature of content delivered and collective user reactions. Besides, it will also extricate delivery from cookies, which was the traditional way to understand user behavior and target end users.

The successful synergy of user level metadata with content metadata can be leveraged for precise targeting of ads and to optimize its efficacy. Going by the current trends, the ad tech space is bound to see more innovations at scale, and the future looks exciting and promising.

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