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Is the Pandemic Accelerating Digital Disruption?

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The pandemic has caused not only a global economic decline but a complete disruption in the way we rely on to communicate with our clients and prospects alike. This is the time when customer loyalty and conviction can be easily won or lost. And for those of us who have not perfected their omnichannel reach or launched their desired digital strategy – you are running against the clock!!

We can all admit that none of us was ready, and many were knocked off balance, shifting from standard daily routines to a completely virtual workplace environment. Between longer working hours from home and reinventing the way we meet and communicate, there is no doubt COVID introduced a state of disruption upon all of us.

As I see it, COVID didn’t disrupt the way we do business with our customers and colleagues. COVID simply accelerated the “State of Disruption” that many of us knew we’ll have to face sooner rather than later. The only question we should all be asking ourselves is how ready we are in our current “state of disruption”.

Even those of us who practice ‘digital disruption’ are not always ready. I still catch myself sometimes telling clients I’m ready to book a flight and meet at their earliest convenience. Of course, reality sets in when I am politely reminded a video conference would suffice just fine.

It’s never easy to face uncertainty, but during these challenging times, experience shows us that there’s also no better time to build and prepare for the next phase in our future.

Outmaneuver Uncertainty with Tavant

Organizations from across the world are working hard right now to serve their customers and frontlines. And many rely on partners like Tavant to ensure they receive the support, top IT talent, and cutting-edge financial technologies to help them get back to what matters most in an efficient and minimally invasive manner.

Tavant’s partners happen to be some of the most renowned brands in financial services, professional sports, digital media, and even motion pictures brands. Rising to the challenge and remotely supporting partners during COVID is not easy and new challenges present themselves almost daily. However, the critical components that create Tavant’s formula for success somehow outweigh the risks and allow us to deliver WINS, even during these unprecedented times.

Many of our clients refer to Tavant as truly an extension of their internal teams. And in an event such as COVID-19, we knew early on that formula to succeed and deliver results required us to reimagine how we do business by shifting technical capabilities and entire teams from brick-and-mortar locations to virtual. We realized from the get-go that in order to deliver disruptive innovations in a virtual environment, we had to prove to ourselves first that our virtual business model works and works well.

Some of the new user experiences and operational excellence models we are deploying for partners entail:

  1. Digital account opening (DAO) with hyper-personalized customer recommendations
  2. AI-powered lending solution for digital loan origination (DLO) and auto-decisioning capability for consumer & commercial banking customers
  3. Digital engagement platform with API first approach and over 125 leading ecosystem partners for end-to-end compliance, KYC, and BaaS (banking as a service) capabilities. Add connectors to launch customized products and deliver personalized experiences
  4. Salesforce driven, Tavant’s Customer 360° solution for a complete customer and workforce view, as well as engagement across all digital channels

At Tavant, we are always focusing on each other – supporting, informing, and inspiring our people. The most important business lesson anyone can learn from today’s pandemic is the importance of planning ahead, conditioning, and adopting new policies, operational procedures, and digital technologies to meet the rising levels of omnichannel expectations from our customers, no matter where they are and what they need.

Moving forward, we remain diligent to continue and evaluate our clients’ exposures to technological vulnerability, risk and monitoring the stability of legacy systems while tracking and advising on various digital transformation paths moving forward. To all our clients, prospects, and industry colleagues leading their paths across the world, we wish good health and fortune to all the teams.

Tavant is Helping Businesses Navigate the Pandemic

Tavant is helping clients outmaneuver uncertainty in both the short- and long-term. We’re supporting organizations to emerge stronger and flourish in the days ahead. You can count on us to help your company stabilize revenue, keep pace with evolving demand and forge new, disruptive, and sustainable growth pathways.

Through it all, we are here to help. For a deeper discussion, please mail the author Michael at [email protected]

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