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Personalizing CX with Intelligent Marketing Solution

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Marketing is witnessing an unprecedented transformation in the recent years as customer expectations are continually changing due to the proliferation of smart devices, ubiquitous presence of technology, the emergence of the digital native, 24/7 connectivity, and the deep penetration of social media. They dictate what they want, how they want, and where they want. They have become both creators as well as critics demanding a more personalized service.

These factors are causing traditional brand and marketing strategies to lose effect where marketers lump audiences into broad groups, typically based on attributes such as location or industry. Because marketers don’t know enough about each person or even if they do, it’s too labor-intensive to engage people specifically with the customized message, content, or offer.

It is good news for organizations as they have the chance to discover new ways to engage and think beyond channels and consider how customers are engaging with things like connected homes, connected products, and artificial intelligence-driven interfaces. A new level of personalization and precision, brought about by intelligent machines using data more smartly, applies to marketing as well. An AI-enabled marketer can reach out to every customer at the right time, identifies the best audience for every campaign, and delivers the perfect content for every customer.

Today’s organizations have a wealth of data and insight at their disposal — but still, they are unable to translate that into intelligent customer and prospect interactions.

Embrace the intelligent marketing solution ‘Salesforce Marketing Cloud™’ to enhance CX 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you know your customer, personalize it with intelligence, and engage at every touchpoint. It offers you a 360-degree view of your customers, by giving you a personalized experience and flexible service, customized to your business. It helps you chalk out the interactions with your customers, carve predictive journeys; subsequently, cultivates customers into deeply engaged users while giving your marketers the right insights.

Let’s delve deeper into how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you create a consistent and smooth customer experience

Engage current customers — and find new ones

Capture data from any source or device. Unify customer data no matter where it was collected. Use it to segment and activate audiences to deliver better advertising, content, and commerce experiences. Reporting and tracking at every step of your customer journey is made possible by communicating with them in a consistent brand voice via email, mobile, social media, targeted ads, web, predictive intelligence, and customer data platform. It forges a much stronger, significant relationship with your customers as you rely on a robust intelligence mechanism, which helps you connect the dots across all your customer touch points.

Discover new audiences with AI

Use Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein, to identify new high-value segments. Understand your entire existing customer and new prospects base across clusters of personas and devices.

Target cross-channel experiences on any device

Drive more relevant and valuable customer engagement — and business results for consistent customer experience across channels.

Capture, unify, and activate customer data without limits with Data Studio

Know your customer through data, personalize every experience with intelligence across the entire customer journey — including marketing, sales, service, and commerce touchpoints.

Get the best of both worlds with personalized email marketing

Experian reports that not only is personalization proven to lift transaction rates and revenue; but also, personalized promotional mailings have a 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rate. Easily send and organize emails based on data and insights with personalized email marketing and fuel your customer journey by developing personalized, relationships with them.

Deliver better CX with Contact Builder

Put together customer data from multiple sources for having a better grasp of their behavior and other attributes and deliver exceptional brand experiences across channels through a unique digital marketing platform.

Optimize every journey with Journey Builder

Uncover the optimal sequence of events to optimize every journey and help marketers customize their interactions with customers according to their real-time behaviors.

Map, execute and track social media campaigns with Social Studio

Monitor audience discussions while leveraging machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition to extract meaningful insights.

Create compelling content with Content Builder

Create engaging and smart content via mobile-optimized templates and drag-and-drop functionality and host the images in the content builder for best performance. Import the content that you need rather than importing everything together.

Wrapping up

The age of intelligent marketing is here, and you need an experienced Salesforce partner like Tavant. Drive your marketing across every interaction with the world’s number one marketing platform. Collect and analyze data to understand the customer. Create personalized experiences at every interaction with AI. Engage across the entire customer journey and deliver experiences that each person will love. Consequently, you can align your marketing strategy to your business objectives and drive customer loyalty, which ultimately leads to business growth.

Wish to explore further?

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