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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with TMAP’s Rule Engine: A Deep Dive into AI Alerts

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Globally, manufacturers are increasingly turning to data and advanced analytics to enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and optimize overall performance in their aftermarket service processes. TMAP, powered by Advanced Analytics and AI, offers actionable insights to streamline and improve these processes. In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, proactive management of potential challenges is essential for seamless operations. In response to this need, Tavant introduces the Rule Engine, a robust tool integrated within the TMAP framework, to address and anticipate challenges effectively.

Unveiling the Power of Rule Engine

The Rule Engine module within the TMAP platform empowers users to craft rules tailored to their unique requirements. These rules are applicable across various scopes, including IoT (telematics), service maintenance, claims, campaigns, and warranty. Each rule is defined by specific criteria, and upon meeting these criteria, designated actions are triggered.  For instance, a rule may specify that an alert should be triggered if the vehicle model matches, and the speed exceeds 140. The action associated with this rule could be to ‘Notify Dealer’ or ‘Notify Customer’, ensuring that relevant stakeholders are promptly informed.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with TMAP's Rule Engine: A Deep Dive into AI Alerts

The Role of AI Alerts in Manufacturing

The AI Alerts feature, woven into the Rule Engine module, stands as a true game-changer. This feature introduces three fundamental functionalities, reshaping communication, and issue resolution in manufacturing:

1. Notify: Proactive Communication

The ‘Notify’ function allows the system to dispatch email alerts to relevant stakeholders, ensuring timely communication when a predefined rule is triggered. This capability is particularly valuable for matters that demand immediate attention.

2. Mute: User-Controlled Alerts

Users have the power to mute or unmute AI Alerts based on their preferences. This level of customization empowers users to manage the flow of information and prioritize their focus on critical issues.

3. View Alert: Comprehensive Information at Your Fingertips

The ‘View Alert’ functionality offers a detailed overview of data that meets the criteria of a business rule. Users can access information such as product details, scope, model, business rule name, serial number, customer information, priority, dealer details, timestamp of alert creation, and scope-related data. Additionally, the platform allows for the automatic creation of cases or manual status changes, providing a seamless workflow for issue resolution.

When cases are created automatically, they are generated in Salesforce, accompanied by an email notification to stakeholders. This email includes crucial information like vehicle number, model name, case number, case URL, and the timestamp at which the case was created.

Unveiling Performance Features

•  Scalability in AI Alerts:

TMAP’s Rule Engine incorporates AI Alerts, a feature that brings scalability to issue management. This feature includes:

    • Automated Notifications: The ‘Notify’ function ensures proactive communication by sending email alerts when predefined rules are triggered.
    • User-controlled Customization: Users can mute or unmute AI Alerts based on preferences, providing a personalized approach to information flow.

•  Rule Engine Processing Time:

Performance metrics also include the processing time of the Rule Engine, which is noteworthy. The Rule Engine demonstrates remarkable efficiency, processing over a million records within 10 minutes. This rapid processing time contributes significantly to the real-time  responsiveness of the platform.

Performance Metrics: Driving Informed Decision-Making:

AI Alerts go beyond mere notifications; they provide valuable statistical insights for informed decision-making. Here’s a glimpse of the statistical overview for 30 days:

  • Alerts per Day, by Priority: A breakdown of the number of alerts recorded each day for different priority levels. Manufacturers can assess the frequency of alerts for each priority level daily, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Total Alerts by Priority: An aggregate view of the total number of alerts, categorized by priority.
  • Status Overview: A comprehensive overview of case statuses, indicating whether they are open, closed, or in-progress. Additionally, the report includes details on muted alerts. This overview ensures that manufacturers stay on top of their operational challenges.
  • Total Alerts by Scope: A summary of the total number of alerts within each predefined scope. Understand the distribution of alerts across different scopes, providing insights into areas that may require more attention or optimization.


Final Thoughts

TMAP’s Rule Engine and AI Alerts is an advanced solution for proactive issue management. Empowering users with customizable rules, real-time notifications, and insightful statistics, this platform guarantees the agility, efficiency, and resilience of manufacturing processes in the face of challenges. TMAP’s capability to foster a proactive and responsive manufacturing environment positions it as a valuable ally for businesses aiming to elevate their operations to new heights.

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