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RTB Integration for Better Savings and Enhanced Media Experience

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Real-time bidding or RTB became possible with inventory access and big data. Now the strategy is to enable media buyers with access to audience data, and third-party data suppliers have had some success. Simultaneously, technological advances in digital marketing have made online inventories more accessible. The benefits of RTB have been around for media buyers, irrespective of their size and experience.

When data and inventories merged earlier, they offered quite a few options among sites for running display ads. That is why selecting specific audiences from different sites was an incredible task. Even for selecting a small audience from a few sites, buyers needed to define their audiences for every site based on individual campaigns. Media buyers felt it necessary to ask every site to construct a universal set of criteria for targeting their audience, but that was obviously impossible.

However, with RTB, audience data is already segmented. Using audience scaling, the objective is to display the ad to those audiences that have maximum probability of responding.

Features that make RTB the most convenient option today:

  1. Almost 30% of all conversions in RTB happen with just one-time display.
  2. Influences 50% of conversion in paid search.
  3. Influence 40% of conversions in natural search.
  4. RTB’s influence has the highest impact on assisted conversions.


Cost saving with RTB

For saving money and enhancing customer engagement, RTB creatives prove economical for pay per click (PPC) campaigns and they work even better. Media buyers are attempting to retarget their target audiences based on their past responses to RTB display ads.

RTB is empowering media buyers to find lots of options that help in specific audience targeting. The audience specificity actually helps in huge cost savings and also enhances the end-user’s media experience.

Additional information:

Your software technology supporting media buying and brand marketing should be tested regularly for the best outcomes. If you want to improve convenience, resource utilization and savings from media operations, make sure you are offering a better user experience through technology and gaining an edge in predictive analytics regularly.

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