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Show, Don’t Just Tell! Videos Can Help Awesome Mortgage Origination

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In what ways do you present mortgage options to a prospective customer? By meeting in person and explaining the details with supporting documents? That seems convincing, but that is something you usually do in the last phase. It is also the least scalable option.

What channels can you use to generate public interest, build repute as a thought leader, and gather leads? To name a few, those channels are your websites, blogs, social media, email campaigns, and public events. Studies show that most of such communication relies heavily on textual content.

Two very obvious, but often unnoticed facts:

  1. People trust you more if you have a face and not just a voice.
  2. People do business with you more readily when they are familiar with you.


But how does that affect your loan origination processes? How can you take advantage of these simple facts to boost your business?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Logically, a video should be worth a hundred thousand, with moving pictures and sounds, and the intimacy of human talk. High bandwidth internet and ubiquitous screen-cast applications make it very easy to create, edit, and upload videos these days. Have you considered putting up your message as a series of short videos?

Screen casting (aka video screen capture) is recording your computer screen as video, usually with voiceover recorded by using a microphone. That is an excellent way to demonstrate your mortgage origination software and explain processes. Videos created can also be used for awesome presentations. Putting them online in front of the right people lets you explain things just like you would in person. Broadcast your message over a wide range of video-hosting platforms and social media in addition to your official websites and blogs.

Many screen-cast software are available for free and are very easy to learn and use. Many are even available as mobile apps. Open Broadcaster Software, commonly known as OBS, is free and available for Windows, OSX (Mac), and Linux platforms. Some other popular free screen-casting software are AviScreen, Screenr, CamStudio, Copernicus, JingProject, Screencast-O-Matic, and Wink.

For those who are particular about professional quality and full control, there is paid software (this does not mean that free versions are inferior in quality or features). Examples of commercial software for screen-cast include Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, ScreenFlow, AllCapture, HyperCam, iShowU, ScreenMimic, and ScreenRecord.

These tools are incredibly simple and fascinating. Download and install a free version and start creating your videos. On the go, you will learn great ways of presenting your mortgage products and loan servicing software. They are designed to improve your image as an expert. It’s time to let people trust you like they want to trust you.

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